Personalized and
data-driven marketing for your Shopify store’s growth.

Contensify is a team of marketing specialists that understands the importance of a marketing plan tailor-made for your goals, needs, and customers.

We aren’t setting up marketing tactics and shooting in the dark. We set up a marketing strategy with an end goal in mind— to grow your customer base and increase your Shopify sales.

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What sets your Shopify store apart?

With a large number of stores online, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. Contensify believes that eCommerce stores can successfully make a memorable impression with personalized, data-driven marketing that builds a personal relationship with the customer.

Our team of marketing specialists understand the importance of a researched and actionable marketing plan and use various tactics to drive more sales and repeat purchases.

Content marketing

Storytelling is a powerful way to make customers empathize and connect with your brand, making them want to shop from you.

Our team of content specialists will help you build your content strategy, create valuable content, and set up tactics to attract new shoppers to your content. This way, you can slowly reel new shoppers into your Shopify store, build a relationship, and acquire loyal customers effortlessly.

Search Engine Optimization

Your shopper’s search starts with a Google search. So, if your Shopify store isn’t optimized for the right keywords, you’re losing out on acquiring new customers with a strong intent to purchase.

Our SEO experts are equipped to help you make your store and your products more discoverable. We research your competitors, understand standard industry benchmarks, and plan a thorough SEO strategy. This strategy is revisited and optimized to ensure your store is optimized for search visibility.

Social Media Marketing

Shoppers live on social media. With shoppable Instagram feeds and endless scrolling, it’s easier for eCommerce stores to successfully engage shoppers, build a following, and convert them into loyal customers.

Our team helps you set up a social media strategy that is human, fun, and worth following. We create and share social content that is authentic to your brand’s voice so that you can attract an audience that you can convert into paying customers.

Social and Search Ads

Ads have proven to be effective in different stages of converting a customer— from acquiring new shoppers to recovering abandoned carts and driving repeat purchases.

Our ad specialists work with social media ads and Google AdWords to help set up paid marketing efforts for your Shopify store.

Get more out of lesser ad spends!

Why let the Contensify team handle your store’s marketing?

Our team of marketing specialists loves what they do.

From content to strategy to social media management— we are dedicated to creating impact for Shopify stores.

With our experience working with Shopify partners and as content marketers, we have an innate understanding of how people consume content, how customers behave, and how to package a message to ensure relatability.

Our data-driven marketing is tailored to your needs to assure you higher conversions!

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