How an Affiliate Marketing Platform Increases User Acquisition by 30% Using B2B Content Marketing

b2b content marketing case study for affiliate marketing platform

Most marketers believe implementing a content marketing strategy means having a fancy website and building a presence on every social media platform. 

Little do they know that if you simply focus on educating your audience by providing relevant solutions to their problems, you can help a brand acquire users even with a single landing page. 

Scroll ahead to find out how we used content marketing to help a  B2B SaaS solution that enables eCommerce businesses to set up affiliate marketing programs on their online store.

About the SaaS Product

The company is an affiliate management platform designed to help Shopify stores set up customized affiliate marketing programs and scale them with the help of powerful features like personalized, trackable URLs, custom codes, flexible commission, automated payouts, and more.

The Challenge

While the company offered a great solution to its target audience, it had no presence on the search engine. All they had was a single landing page with poor UI/UX which failed to explain how the platform benefits its users and a Shopify app listing whose ranking was determined by the frequency of reviews received and an ever-changing app store algorithm.

With little to no web development support and an unclear website copy, it was difficult for the brand to acquire users. 

It also became increasingly difficult for the Shopify app to build topical authority amongst other solutions available to online stores. This is when they understood the importance of B2B content marketing for Shopify apps and found Contensify.

Our Approach 

We set up a 3-month content marketing strategy that required setting up a blog site using WordPress to make it simpler to manage without design and development help. 

Based on competitor gap analysis and keyword research, we aligned the following formats in their B2B content marketing strategy to fuel their growth funnel: 

  • Shopify App Listings (BoFu) 
  • Blogs and Guest Posts (ToFu)
  • Guides/Cornerstone Content (ToFu and MoFu)

We also set up the brand’s presence on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and ran it in tandem with the blog, creating carousels and static posts to educate the audience on affiliate marketing and management. 

Given that Shopify stores were the brand’s target audience, our team also did a deep dive on Quora, Reddit, and Shopify forums to answer queries put forth by the community members. 

We followed an education-first approach to build brand awareness and included a link to the website for users to check out our content instead of plainly pitching the platform. 

What we did differently through each content format was: 

  • Focusing on the unanswered questions 
  • Creating actionable content 
  • Strategically planning publishing for a follow-through approach 
  • Focusing on product-led keywords 
  • Using consistent call to actions 

The Results

With an iron-clad B2B content marketing strategy and community-based marketing approach, the company saw a 30% jump in user acquisition by having businesses reach out to them to set up affiliate and referral marketing programs.  They could organically build their sales pipeline by offering meaningful insights to their users and resolving their pain points by providing actionable solutions.

    • 28% increase in direct traffic

    • 35% increase in site sessions

    • 36% increase in organic traffic

    • 40% increase in page views

    • 2x followers gained on Instagram

    • 1.5x followers gained on LinkedIn

    • Increase in brand awareness

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