Creating content marketing strategies that convert for B2B SaaS and Shopify Apps.

With the right content marketing strategy, you can generate 67% more leads, turning prospects into customers faster.

Our team of content marketing experts helps you strategize your content-edge!

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You’re publishing content. But are consumers looking for it?

You could be publishing 10 pieces a month, but if it’s not what your target market is looking for, it’s just wasted time and effort.

About 60% of B2B consumers start their purchase journey on the search engine.

So if your content marketing strategy isn’t focused on what they’re looking for, you’ll soon have to go looking for them!

Think about the last time you made a purchase. Did you not research all your options?

It’s time to put the content marketing funnel to use!

You need to cut through the noise and provide credible, actionable information to appeal to the new-age customer.

Our content marketing strategies focus on using the funnel approach to reach a target market.

We educate the market before we promote your product. But once we’re done, you can be sure to turn those leads into long-term customers!

Here’s how we do it

We’ve written a lot of content.
And it always seems to work!

Why commit to content marketing with the Contensify team?

We don’t believe in publishing content every day. We’re not going to ask you to make a post on social media every hour!

Our team of content marketing experts uses market research and concrete data to define what content you really need.

But more importantly, we understand your resources to create a plan that sticks!


“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.”

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