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10 Content Idea Tools You Need on Days You Hit the Creative Block!

Table of Contents

Raise your hand if your biggest struggle is consistently coming up with fresh content 🙋‍♀️

Let’s all admit it…

Content creation can be pretty exasperating, especially when you’re been doing it for quite some time. 

When you’re all out of inspiration and hence motivation, you might feel like giving up on it altogether, but there’s no running away from it because content marketing is vital for the growth of your business

It not only builds trust and authority but also helps you get inbound leads and sales.

But coming back to the real question, how can you continually create juicy content when you’ve already exhausted all the ideas you had?

Fret not, we have your back.

Here are 10 content idea generating tools you can use to save yourself from staring at a blank page and bawling your eyes out (if we’re being dramatic):


Not sure what to tweet about today? What To Tweet is a free content idea generating tool that will save you some of the headache by generating tweet prompts at the click of a button. There are plenty of prompts to choose from to help you craft your next tweet.

content ideas tool -


2. HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

This little tool from HubSpot is great for generating quick content ideas for your next blog or social media post. Simply enter five nouns that fit your content needs and et voila, you are presented with a set of five ideas for a week’s worth of content. 

What’s more, if you enter a few details about your company, you can unlock content cards for a whole year!

Hubspot Idea Generatore

3. TweakYourBiz Title Generator

Did you know that only 8 out of 10 people read your headline, and that only 2 out of those go on to read the rest of the content? That’s why it is crucial to have a headline that is intriguing enough to keep your readers glued to their screens. 

This title generator from Tweak Your Biz is perfect for creating scroll-stopping titles for your blog posts. It has a good range of title scripts to choose from that will definitely inspire you to write something cool. 

tweakyourbiz title generator



If you want to create awesome content that ranks and converts, then should be your go-to. It is equipped with a bunch of practical features like automated content briefs, content optimization workflows, and content strategy templates to maximize your content’s search visibility and traffic. 

You can use their outline builder that uses autocomplete keywords and related most asked questions from all around the web to generate outlines for your next piece of content.

5. Exploding Topics

This is a very simple tool with an easy interface that is great for keeping an eye on currently trending topics and taking inspiration from them for creating content.

It also displays the searches per month and growth percentage for all the trending keywords in a specific industry.


Exploding topics


6. Answer The Public

This is one of the most popular tools for content development. It is simple and intuitive, using autocomplete data from search engines to tap into the pulse of your customers and find out what they’re talking about. 

It’s an impressive tool that can help you get an insight into your customers’ mind so you can create content that is fully optimized for their needs.

Answer The Public

7. Quora

This popular Q&A website is a goldmine for content marketers because you can find out the queries your target audience might have and create content that is highly targeted to attract and convert them. 

Simply enter a few keywords in the search box and you’ll find relevant suggestions. You can also comb through the related questions section to find hidden gems.



8. Forekast

Forekast calls itself “the calendar of the internet”. It’s an extremely handy tool for all content marketers for staying up to date with all the latest happenings as well as trending events worldwide so you can find inspiration for content or tweak your existing content accordingly. 

From Towel Day to the release of the sequel of A Quiet Place, Forekast will keep you aware and thus ahead in the game. You can subscribe to their email newsletter to receive the hottest topics for the week each Monday or directly add events to your calendar from their website.


9. Content Row

Content Row has a variety of tools to aid you with all your content creation needs. 

Their headline generator is great for catchy clickbait titles that will make anyone pause and read. They also have a headline analyzer that can assess how clickable a title is and offer tips and suggestions for improvements. 

You can utilize their additional tools as well to keep tabs on trending topics as well as follow specific topics of interest.

Content RowContent Row

10. Dribbble

Dribble is a popular social networking platform for digital designers. Though you won’t find ideas for content here, it is an amazing platform to find inspiration for unique content design that will grab eyeballs.


Now that you have your content plan ready, you need to make sure that you have a good strategy in place for marketing it with the right tools in your arsenal. Here’s a list of 10 must-have tools for efficient content marketing

If you feel that content creation is too much of a hassle for you and you’d like someone else to handle it so that you can focus on growing your business, then come have a chat with us and we can brainstorm together.

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