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Most businesses often struggle to understand the complete use of micro-blogging platform “Tumblr”. Sure, it caters to a unique audience. The contributions made here are usually NOT run-of-the mill content. But despite being niche, it is not able to ring a bell even today.

Well, there are a number of reasons for that:

  • Even though it has over 200 million blogs, it attracts a younger audience (under the age of 25) – who are looking at uploading light content on their blogs rather than posting or sharing professional write-ups.
  • One can’t host his or her own blog on Tumblr without its platform and servers – unlike WordPress where there are options to host a website.
  • Long blocks of content don’t work on this platform. Tumblr blogs are driven more visually.

But then, that is what businesses need – an untapped digital market – and Tumblr is an add-on the large digital sea that must not be ignored.

If you’re an entrepreneur and haven’t started using Tumblr to promote your business yet, now is the time.

Have a quick read to know why:

Limited competition…but not for long

Most businesses are still experimenting with Tumblr. On an average, only 31 out of 100 brands are on Tumblr and that leaves a huge space for others businesses to take the plunge. According to a 2015 report by QuickSprout, Tumblr’s traffic is literally skyrocketing at the rate of 74%. It gets over 300 million unique visitors per month.

If you want to spread brand awareness, hope on the Tumblr bandwagon right now?

Adorable, simple user interface

Tumblr is a mix of all the social media and blogging platforms (such as WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterst – well, not completely). This means you can blog, use hashtags, like & share content and even manage multiple blogs at the same time!



The Dashboard is clean and acts as a timeline. There is an option to “explore” trends and hashtags and check out most popular blogs on the right-hand side of the timeline. From text and quote to photos and videos – Tumblr can upload anything and everything.

Attractive features

Visually enticing themes, access to customize through HTML, an option to sync all social platforms with the account(s), varied widgets & plugins and scope to reach out to a digital-savvy audience are a few reasons why your business must take the plunge.




You can even schedule your posts – if you want to. One of the most impressive features about this platform is that most of its themes have been created by keeping “visuals” in mind. The overall structure of most of the themes easily accommodates large photos and leave space for videos.

And this is unlike WordPress which started catering to blogs for photographers a bit later.

Big brands on Tumblr

Calvin Klein, Disney, GQ, The Daily Beast, and Coca Cola are some of the brands that are rocking on Tumblr. The blogs range from being photo-driven to content-centric. The platform is used for showcasing latest designs, sharing promotional news or simply engaging the audience. You name it!

Here’s what Calvin Klein blog looked like on Tumblr in 2015:



 With so much to explore and experiment with, Tumblr is undoubtedly a go-to medium for different businesses to use it in whichever they want to.

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