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Best Social Media Platforms for SaaS and Tips to Use it

Table of Contents

Social media is a part of our day-to-day lives. From sharing our stories to giving glimpses into our world, we’re on one channel or the other all through the day.  Now when Facebook has 2.8 billion daily active users and Instagram over 1 billion, and crunch some numbers for all the other channels, social media marketing cannot come as an afterthought for your SaaS business anymore.

Your target audience is already on social media. It’s about how you reach out to them now.

Now we’re not saying you need to be present on all social platforms. Using all the channels for business promotion might not be the best idea, as it will eat into your resources both in terms of time and money.

So before you get started you need to identify the nuances of each channel, which segment of your audience is present on it, and which ones resonate the best with your SaaS business goals.

To make things easier, here’s a summary of how each channel adds up for SaaS marketing and quick tips to leverage it.

How to choose the best social media platform for SaaS business


Facebook is preferred as the best marketing place for your SaaS product. It has tons of basic info on all of its users, from their name to their location and more. But to market your SaaS effectively on Facebook you need to have a solid understanding on how the Facebook marketing funnel works.

Tips to market your SaaS product/service on Facebook:

1. Optimize your business page by adding all the required details such as contact details, location, working hours, etc.
2. See the topics trending in your niche and use relevant hashtags while making a post
3. Post excerpts from your latest article and drive the Facebook audience to your website
4. Join Facebook groups in your niche, be an active member there, help the community by sharing your thoughts and opinions
5. Talk to your customers by going live on your page and be real by showing them what’s happening behind the scene



Instagram is the best choice to market your SaaS products or services. Yet, millions of people spend hours on it daily. It plays a major role in bringing your product right under your customer’s eyeballs when combined with the ability to create content in an engaging manner along with the smart use of hashtags and paid ads.

Tips to market your SaaS product/service on Instagram:

1. Optimize your profile by sharing your brand details in the bio
2. Identify top hashtags relevant to your brand and include them in all your posts
3. Make use of IGTV and Reels to share video tutorials on how to use your product or explain the benefits of using it
4. Test all the content formats – images, carousel, video, stories and stick to the one that works the best for you
5. Engage with all your followers in the comments section
6. Add stories that include questions, polls, or surveys, this will help you understand what your customers want in your product
7. Contribute to accounts with huge followers to get recognized
8. Re-target your followers with ads and drive them to your website


There’s no other platform like Twitter when it comes to branding. It helps to build brand awareness, followers, and gain more visitors to your SaaS website eventually. But because it gives you only 280 characters to work with, you need to be extremely strategic about how you make words work for you.

Tips to market your SaaS product/service on Twitter:

1. Optimize your profile – even that little space matters
2. Identify hashtags that your audience is engaging with and are relevant to your business too
3. Create content around trending hashtags
4. Retweet and comment on other people’s tweets
5. Initiate conversations as that is what Twitter was meant for
6. Join weekly tweet chats etc around in your industry to get the word going
7. Follow influencers in your niche and other key accounts
8. Get into discussions you think might help your product recognized


LinkedIn seems to be the platform everyone is talking about when it comes to marketing your SaaS product/services. With all its social connectivity features and focus on users’ professional lives, it becomes the ultimate platform to nurture relationships that are not casual and turn them into business deals.

Tips to market your SaaS product/service on LinkedIn:

1. Optimize your company page and make it your lead capturing hub
2. Create a content calendar to keep the page active with informative content
3. Find and include relevant hashtags in your posts
4. Encourage your teammates to share your company page content to reach a wider audience
5. Include a call to action in every post – it could be the smallest of actions like asking for answers
6. Understand who your target audience is, what content they engage with and leverage paid campaigns to reach more people
7. Leverage Founder profiles to share authority content and get more views on your company page




Pinterest organizes all the information in the form of graphics and makes it easier for users to create their scrapbooks and boards. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest has opened up a new path for marketing through images by making sharing quick and simple. People tend to remember images more than texts, and they also process the information provided visually a hundred times faster. That’s why we tend to ‘pin’ ideas more than saving them on other channels.

Tips to market your SaaS product/service on Pinterest:

1. Identify the topics you can share content around and create a dedicated board for them
2. When preparing a post, come up with interesting titles that grab the attention
3. Make sure you include a description of the pin to give an idea of what the content is about
4. Create different visuals to share content – single product images, infographics, carousels and more
5. Remember to include hashtags to make your pins easily findable – keep them relevant
6. Include a link where Pinterest users can find more information around the content you shared
7. Stay active on the platform and engage with accounts sharing similar content

[BONUS] Quora & Reddit

Quora & Reddit are some of the best platforms to truly understand what people are talking about. These are those digital channels where people come with questions from different perspectives. That itself gives you an opportunity to showcase the value your SaaS business has to offer them or the authority you have on the topic you’ve built a solution around.

Discussion platforms might not seem to be an obvious addition to your social media marketing strategy. But it has proven to be a channel that drives organic traffic with high intent for most businesses.

Tips to market your SaaS product/service on Quora & Reddit:

1. Create an outstanding profile and specify your niche of expertise
2. Make a list of all the questions that relate to your product/services and answer them by linking them to your website
3. Conduct research and track all the relevant topics with notifications
4. Once you’ve found questions that are relevant to your business, make sure that your answers stand out. One or two sentences on won’t impress anyone, craft an insightful one
5. Also occasionally answer questions that may not be directly linked to your product, but you hold expertise on – be helpful
6. Ask questions too!

Wrapping up

If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist. This statement is no longer fluff!

It’s time for your SaaS business to make the most of social media marketing. When even the likes of Microsoft are tapping into the internet user’s need to remain active on social media, we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t.

Running low on resources or need a professional team to take care of all your social media handles to promote your SaaS product?

Well, we’d love to help!  


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