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Free Images Are Happiness! (Just Like Free Food)

Table of Contents

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

You may be the best writer in the world, but if you are always posting chunky textual content, chances are you’ll lose out on a lot of audience – because of boredom. You just need to pep up your posts, tweak them a little to engage the creative side of the reader or you could simply sit back, and watch them look for alternatives!

But what if you don’t have a designer? Or don’t have a decent photography skill backing you up? You simply look for free image sources.

And so here are the top 5 sites that we use for getting us past our visual content road block (psst. they are high quality images that you might just want to print!):

1. Death To The Stock Photo

Work and tea go hand in hand always!

Used by the likes of Entrepreneur, Buffer and Pinterest, the site offers the best stock images. With something for everyone, it offers pictures of objects, food, sceneries, etc – it also lets you subscribe to a free package or opt for a premium one that lets you access unlimited images.

2. Unsplash

source: Unsplash
Get to work, shall we?

Genuine photographs by genius photographers. The site gets updated with 10 new royalty free photos every 10 days, so you never really run out of images if you’re subscribed to them! From scenic shots, people and daily objects – you name it, they got it!

3. PicJumbo

We just love our phones for work!
We just love our phones for work!

Our second personal favourite, PicJumbo not just offers brilliantly clicked high resolution pictures, but also easy navigation. With absolutely no attribution required in any of its pictures, you’ll find a wide range of pictures here – food shots being our most downloaded item!

4. Gratisography

That's how we look - working day and night!
That’s how we look – working day and night!

Built by Ryan McGuire, who himself is an artist and a web designer, the site features some of the most interesting images we have ever come across! With no need to attribute, you can simply pick what you need from a wide range of high quality images – people, animals, nature, objects and whimsical.

5. Pixabay

Care to share? NO.
Care to share? NO.

This one is undoubtedly a web designer’s dream! With an easy-to-use search features, the site offers images, vectors and illustrations for just about everything. The best part? None of them require any attribution.

Textual content doesn’t have as much impact as visual does. In fact, visual content is a key component in each of the top 5 most effective B2B and B2C tactics – events, webinars, videos, blogs and case studies.

Planning on making visual content a part of your strategy? Don’t forget to check out these sources – we have a few favorites that we make use of more than often and you can too!

What’s your go-to for stock images? Feel free to add to this post by dropping a comment in the box below! 🙂

Note: Whenever in doubt about the ownership of an image while using it, don’t forget to add credits to the original source. For more such tips, contact us.

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