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Semrush Holiday Marketing Calendar: Lessons for B2B SaaS Marketing

Semrush Holiday Marketing Calendar: Lessons for B2B SaaS Marketing
Table of Contents

B2B SaaS marketing lessons from the Semrush holiday marketing calendar campaign

Most companies generate a huge chunk of their revenue during the holidays, accounting for up to 20-40% of their annual sales. All of this is accomplished through the holiday season campaigns that offer generous discounts.

But unlike B2C companies, B2B SaaS companies don’t get creative with holiday season campaigns. They usually don’t have a way to keep their sales high during the holiday season, and the best we see is subscription discounts. 

However, one B2B SaaS company has surprised everyone with its holiday marketing campaign, and it’s none other than Semrush!

Let’s take a closer look at the Semrush holiday campaign and what makes it unique.

What is the Semrush holiday marketing calendar campaign about?

Semrush is an SEO tool used by many businesses, large and small, to improve their online presence. It helps you research keywords, track your competitors’ strategies, perform an SEO audit of your blog, explore backlink opportunities, and more.

The brand recently created the Semrush Holiday Marketing Calendar, also known as Gingerbread Man. From Christmas campaigns to New Year’s resolutions, the calendar has everything you need to look your best – ahem, we mean, rank on the search engines and double your ROI from organic and paid campaigns! 

Every day through December 24th, you can find a new surprise in the Semrush Holiday Marketing Calendar. These surprises are a combination of the following:

  • Creative ideas to brighten up your holiday marketing campaigns
  • Tips, tricks, and tools to save time and brighten your strategy
  • Super secret limited-time offer – just for you!

Check the calendar daily for creative ideas for your B2B SaaS marketing campaign this holiday season.

What makes the Semrush Holiday Marketing Calendar a successful B2B SaaS campaign?  

A successful marketing campaign does not require you to force your audience. Instead, your customers are interested and excited about your campaign. It’s all about telling the right story and presenting it most creatively.

Let’s look at some factors that made the Semrush holiday marketing calendar successful.

1. Well-defined target audience 

Before creating a B2B SaaS marketing campaign, you must know your target audience. It helps drive more targeted marketing efforts and higher-quality leads.

Semrush’s target audience for this campaign is businesses that want to get creative with their holiday campaigns but don’t understand how to do this or don’t have time to.

Hence, the brand understood these pain points and pitched its products as solutions, and offered some tips & tricks!.

2. The value proposition 

To get your message right, think about your target audience and put yourself in their shoes. What is their problem, and how can your product/service add value?

Semrush has a clear message throughout the campaign. First, brands made B2B companies aware of the problem, then the solution, and then implementation.

For example, let’s look at this holiday tip:

  • Semrush first informed companies that the audience is fed up with marketing during the holiday season (the problem).
  • Therefore, they advised companies to create more valuable holiday ad content (solution).
  • The brand then shared with B2B companies how to create valuable content for their holiday ads(implementation).

3. Call to Action 

A call to action is important for your audience to understand the next steps. Don’t leave the conversation without offering a direction to those who show interest. This is a step to encourage the audience to take action to convert into customers.

Not only does the Semrush holiday marketing calendar offer helpful strategies for the holiday season, but the brand links some of these tips to its blogs and pages on its website. This strategy works well  for generating leads and converting them into customers.

4. Merry and interactive design 

Developing a purposeful design approach focusing on the customer experience can help your B2B company generate better leads and ultimately increase sales. Good design not only attracts attention but also improves the quality of your message. This also helps build brand recall and credibility.

Semrush did a great job here! They used different colours and graphics to highlight the tips and make the campaign fun and engaging. The unified calendar design makes it unique and easy to understand.

5. A solid promotion and distribution strategy 

It’s important to consider when and what your consumers and viewers will see in your marketing campaigns. Marketers should have a good understanding of which channels they use to promote their campaigns and which ones are most effective. It doesn’t matter how great your campaign is if no one sees it. There are many ways to promote your campaign.

Some of them being:

  • Share on social media
  • Send your subscribers an email to let them know about your campaign, or include an image promoting your campaign in your newsletter

Semrush relies on email and social media marketing to power its marketing campaigns. If you ask us, B2B SaaS marketing needs to take note of this omnichannel strategy! 

Get creative with your B2B SaaS marketing campaigns

SaaS products are expensive. And that’s one of the main reasons they’re hard to sell. As such, SaaS companies worldwide promote deals and discounts to attract customer attention and increase sales.

Offering discounts and free trials can boost sales, but customers are so accustomed to this strategy that it’s no longer appealing. This is where you need to get more creative with your B2B SaaS marketing campaigns.

When creating your marketing campaign, you must realise that it’s not about you. It’s all about the customer, and creativity shows up in unexpected ways that help you connect with them. Show empathy, share your learning experiences, and use your resources to market strategically and creatively, and you’ll emerge as an industry leader. 

It’s time to focus on engagement and tap into the emotions of your audience. 

Contact us to help you create a content marketing strategy unique to your B2B company.

PS. Don’t forget to get the Semrush holiday marketing calendar! It’s worth all the advent calendars you have following on social media. 

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