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Table of Contents

In today’s time & age, blogging has become an integral part of the cyberspace. Most people around us write or at least, pretend to write and manage a blog of their own. Of course, blogs do make an interesting platform of self-expression, a feature that’s super attractive. From writing poetry or a short story to uploading photos and videos – one can use a blogging platform to fulfill any purpose or satisfy any whim!

However, blogs are a bit special to writers who are actively and enthusiastically engaging in regular writing sessions. For such people, it is an excellent medium to upload and flaunt everything they have ever written about.

Whoa! That’s exciting. But the problem arises in the inability to write quality posts – articles that make readers think, feel and maybe even, laugh!

So if you are a writer and want to work better on posting a rather ‘compelling’ post, here’s what you must do:

Sleep over your post (not too much though!)

It’s your blog. There are no hard & fast rules on when you should & shouldn’t schedule your blog. Hence, once you’re done writing a blog post, leave it like that. Sleep over it. Read it the next morning or several hours later. This little break will rejuvenate you and give you a better perspective on what you’ve written. Be ready to find silly mistakes, grammatical errors and even a major shift in thoughts.

Research a lot (reading never hurt anyone!)

Whether you’re writing about your feelings or curating a fashion article, you must research. Try including an anecdote or two in your personal post. Browse through online magazines and popular blogs if you are writing about the latest fashion trends. Don’t restrict this practice to one specific beat; do it for every writing assignment you take up. Yes, this activity is a little tiresome but it will fetch convincing results.

Keep writing (fall seven, stand up eight?)
image courtesy: Research Degree Voodoo
image courtesy: Research Degree Voodoo

The best way to harness a skill is by practicing it. So write, write and write. There will be times when your articles will be unbearably dry and drab; but there will also be moments when you would come up with compelling posts. To ensure that the quality never falters, write copiously. It’s all a part of the ball game!

Writing is a creative process. And, it may not necessarily give you expected results. Maintaining the quality of the posts is what makes it so challenging. However, here’s a little secret to writing a compelling post: “Write from the heart. You can never go wrong if your heart weaves magic with words.”

Happy Writing!

Ps. If you’re suffering from a writer’s block, here’s a must read: How I make love with a writer’s block (and you can too)

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