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Even if you’ve finished this month’s content calendar, you’ve got to start for the next month. Published a blog? Start working on the next one. Finished this week’s newsletter? Start with the next one.

You, along with all marketers, create a truckload of content. The demand is insane. That’s why you need AI-powered content writing tools to help you out. From ChatGPT to CopyAI, AI content writing tools are popular on social media. Marketers use these tools to write emails, website copy, social media content, and blogs.

The reason? Scale. With such a high demand for content, it’s hard for humans to keep up. AI tools deliver content fast and don’t cost as much. If you’ve not tried one yet, here’s your chance.

AI-powered content writing tools come with a wide range of features. However, some applications do not bring the transparency they promise. This article lists the top popular AI content creation tools in the market.

How do AI content writing tools work?

AI content writing means using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to write text. Just like human writers research from the web before writing, the software uses Natural Language Processing (NPL) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to create content. But the software doesn’t work alone. 

Humans provide content briefs, keywords, and context to the software. The tool researches the entire web to find information that correlates with the content brief. The software then uses the information to create fresh content. 

AI content creation tools are fast and efficient. The key benefit is they can create bulk content way faster than writers. Can AI content writing tools replace writers? Let’s find out. 

Why do you need AI content creation tools?

AI-powered content writing tools can help to create high-quality and engaging copy and content. They write in an easy and professional manner while still maintaining an engaging tone. The writing software ensures that every word is well-thought-out and valuable for your audience.

Below are the benefits of AI content creation tools:

  • Fast content ideation: With an AI content writing tool, you create a whole paragraph within seconds. Tweak your brief a bit and you can create long-form blogs within minutes. The timespan is significantly higher than human writers who could take three to four rounds of editing to finish a long-form blog. 
  • Produce content in bulk: It would be hard for a human to write 30 tweets a day to create your whole month’s strategy. But an AI writing tool can do that easily. Use the tool strategically to create content in bulk. 
  • Error-free Content: AI tools have in-built plagiarism and grammar checkers that detect errors. You don’t need any third-party app to check mistakes.

Best AI content writing tools

AI-powered content writing software helps you create engaging content. With so many writing tools, finding the right one can be hard. Below is the list of the best AI content writing tools that you can choose from. 

1. Copysmith – AI-powered copywriting tool

Copysmith is a copywriting solution for enterprises and e-commerce businesses. It helps you create marketing content and copy at scale in a short time. 


  • It provides product descriptions and meta tags in various voices to suit your target audience. Add one to three sentences that depict your company motto and tonality. Copysmith will create suitable copies right away. 
  • Copysmith creates SEO-optimized ad copy for your company. Add a few keywords with features that describe your brand. The tool generates several copy options. Select the ones you like. 
  • Done-for-you copy templates in Copysmith are a boon for copywriters and agency owners. Template your copywriting style and finish a truckload of work quickly. 
  • Copysmith integrates with most content creation tools for the speedy production of copies. Google Docs, Zapier, Hootsuite, Woo-commerce, Farse, and Google Ads are some of the Copysmith integrations. 
  • Copysmith helps you create an entire campaign in no time. Create a rock-solid funnel to attract your target audience and turn them into customers. 


Starter: $19/month

Professional: $59/month

Enterprise: Contact the sales team

2. Grammarly – AI-powered content editing tool

Grammarly is an editing tool that corrects the grammar of your written content and improves readability. You have to copy-paste your content in the app to edit it. Grammarly also comes as a Chrome extension to edit your content in various apps like Google Docs, Instagram, Canva, etc. 


  • Grammarly comes with advanced editing filters. Filter your audience from options like general, knowledgeable and expert. Filter your tonality from formal, casual, and informal. It even lets you filter the domain of your content from ‘academic,’ ‘casual,’ ‘creative,’ or ‘email.’ 
  • Grammarly suggests ideas to improve the engagement of your content. It shortens complex sentences to make them easy to read. 
  • The score style suggestions are easy to understand. Scoring features also allow editors to set benchmarks for writers. For instance, a writer has to maintain a Grammarly score of 85 out of 100. The score is a reflection of the content quality. 
  • The pro version of Grammarly lets you check plagiarism within the app. Once you have Grammarly pro, you don’t have to pay any third-party plagiarism detectors.  
  • The Chrome extension works on almost all apps, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Instagram, Facebook, Google chat, etc. No matter where you write, your text will be error-free and impressive. 


Basic Version: Free

Premium: $12/month

Business: $15/month

3. Wordtune – AI-powered content creation tool

Wordtune lets you express your opinions through the right words. It’s like an autotune for your sentences making them more readable and impressive. 


  • Wordtune thesaurus lets you rephrase your sentences with better phrases. It analyzes your tone and suggests ideas to improve your content. 
  • Wordtune can detect up to nine languages including Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean. It’s the only editing tool in the market with language-detecting features. It helps content writers and editors translate multiple languages into their preferred ones. 
  • The length editor in Wordtune simplifies the sentence structure. It shortens the length of sentences to reduce complexity. 
  • Wordtune integrates with Facebook, Microsoft Outlook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It lets you create error-free content across social media platforms.


Basic: Free

Premium: $9.99

Premium for teams: Contact the sales team

4. CopyAI – AI-powered copywriting tool

CopyAI is a powerful copywriting tool that aims to provide copies in minutes rather than days. It also has features to help blog writers and social media marketers create content faster. 


  • CopyAI provides excellent blogging assistance with a blog generator. Provide a title,  keywords, and a bit of context, and the tool comes up with an outline for your blog. Approve the outline and create the final draft right away. 
  • Create posts for any social media platform with CopyAI. It lets you select the platform and tonality within the tool. Give some context and copy-paste a freshly created social media post to any platform. 
  • CopyAI has a range of free tools, including an Instagram Caption Generator, Meta Description Generator, Paragraph Generator, Email Subject Line Generator, Slogan Generator, and CTA Generator. 
  • Templates in CopyAI help create quick content. It has templates for Cover Letters, Resignation Letters, LinkedIn messages, YouTube scripts, and much more. Edit the pre-created templates to fresh content for your business. 
  • CopyAI also has a Facebook community where you can interact with other like-minded creators. Understand how they use CopyAI for the betterment of your content creation process. 


Basic Plan: Free

Pro Plan: $36/month

5. Lately – AI-powered social media content creation tool

Lately is one of the best AI writing tools for social media marketers. It takes over a lot of work by creating several social media posts at once. It’s the best AI content generator we’ve come across. 


  • Add any long-form post, such as a blog, to Lately, and it slices the post into smaller social media posts. It works with audio, video, or text-based content. You can upload any piece of content, whether it’s earned or found. 
  • Lately provides excellent social media analytics within the platform. See how AI-generated content is working for your social media account. It also suggests keywords incorporated into the tool, so your content gets more attention. 
  • Lately integrates with other content creation tools. Integrate it with Hubspot, Hootsuite, or UpContent for smooth content creation and publishing experience. 
  • Content Syndication Lately lets you share your social media content with your team or stakeholders for approval. 
  • Parent-Child account feature in Lately lets you post on someone else’s behalf. Connect their social media accounts and handle their profile inside Lately. Social media managers can use it to manage multiple client profiles within one platform. 


Startly: $29/month

Litely: $49/month

Professionly: $129/month

Enterprisely: Contact the sales team

6. Farse – AI-powered writing generator tool

Farse is one of the best AI content writing tools that optimizes your SEO content. It feels like a content marketing cheat code as it removes all tedious tasks involved in SEO. You get the final content piece in minutes. 


  • Create content briefs in minutes with Farse. It dissects top search results to create the perfect outline for you. Analyze the subheadings and keywords as per the search intent, and your brief is ready. 
  • Farse optimizes your website copy with popular formulas such as problem-agitate solutions. With these formulas, you get controlled output for your copy. Edit the auto-generated copy as per your liking, and it’s ready to be published.
  • Farse lets you conduct keyword research within the platform. It collects related topics for your primary keyword to create a content flow that Google loves. 
  • Farse comes with advanced analytics that lets you track the pages that need refurbishing. It also identifies top growth opportunities for you, like a popular keyword that you’ve not used yet. 


Solo: $14.99

Basic: $44.99

Team: $114.99

7. Jasper AI – AI-powered content template tool

Jasper is an all-in-one content creation tool that helps you with marketing copy, social media posts, articles, emails, and website content. 


  • Jasper supports social media content creation including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. The platform assists with short-form Instagram captions, LinkedIn posts, and YouTube scripts. 
  • Jasper’s Chrome extension lets you create content within the social media platform. For instance, you write Instagram captions within Instagram while the tool suggests ideas and improves your content. 
  • Select from several copywriting models like the Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) to create marketing copy in minutes. Use pre-designed templates to create your copy or your own to create fresh content. Add keywords and a bit of context, and the tool generates fresh copy instantly. 
  • Jasper also creates SEO-optimized long-form blogs for your brand. It surfs through the web to find relevant content around your topic. The built-in plagiarism checker inside Jasper churns out 100% original content in minutes. 
  • Email writers inside Jasper let you add catchy subject lines that have a high open rate. Create powerful sales emails within minutes and add an AI-generated image to match your email content. 


Starter: $40/month

Boss Mode: $82/month

Business: Custom Plan

8. Simplified AI – AI-powered copywriting tool

Simplified AI lets you create marketing copy for free. It’s one of the best AI content generators to scale your images and videos from a single content sample. 


  • Simplified AI has stunning templates for Instagram posts, Banners, and Sales page images. All templates are created with SEO in mind. It lets you skip research time and customize them immediately based on your needs.
  • In-built brand kits allow you to stick to your company branding. It comes with color filters, fonts, logos, and brand artwork which you can customize as per your preference. 
  • Simplified AI integrates with Shopify, Google Drive, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram business. Create content within Simplified AI and publish it to your favorite platforms. 
  • It organizes all your projects in separate folders within the app. You have access to them at all times. Invite your team members to collaborate inside the app. 
  • Simplified AI provides end-to-end content solutions. You create content in the app, edit it, customize it to your preference and schedule them for publishing. No need for additional tools. 


Basic Plan: Free

Small Team: $18 upto 5 team members

Business: $30 upto 5 team members

Growth: $75 upto 5 team members

9. Hubspot – AI-powered content strategy tool

Hubspot’s content strategy tool lets you plan, document, and prepare an outline for your content strategy. Hubspot lets you create pillar pages and plan related topics to rank better on Google.


  • Hubspot uses data from SemRush to create elaborate topic clusters. Topic clusters help strategically create blog posts to drive maximum traffic to your website. 
  • Content Calendar in Hubspot lets you manage your topic clusters. Assign posts in the calendar, assign them to writers, and track the due dates. Share calendar access with whomever you want. 
  • Campaigns in Hubspot are an effective tool for your inbound marketing process. It lets you distribute your content with ease. Churn out smaller social media posts from long-form blogs and publish them across multiple social media platforms. 


Custom Pricing

Pick your favorite AI content writing tool and get started today! 

A strong content writing tool helps you prepare high-quality content in a shorter time. Use these tools to research, write and schedule your content. We also recommend using tools to evaluate your writing performance. 

Use AI content writing tools to create content faster. 

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