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Contensify is a team of storytellers, content marketing experts, and social media enthusiasts.

We’re here to help you put content at work to turn prospects into leads and customers!

Those who have trusted us

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You have a great product. So why do you need content?

Your B2B SaaS product could be simplifying the most complex task for a target market.

Your Shopify app could be so easy to use that a merchant could start increasing their sales with it from day 1.

But when they don’t know what problem they’re facing and how you’re trying to solve it, how do you expect them to convert?

Like, would you install a mobile app if you saw a random ad that said nothing about what it did?

And how does storytelling help you turn prospects into customers?

Did you know that 92% of consumers don’t trust advertisements?

Be it on the search engine or on social media, paid push can get you noticed – but when it comes to convincing a prospect, you need more.

Stories are processed 60X faster than ads. That’s why we use it in our content marketing strategy, social media content and all the content we create to fuel your marketing and sales funnel!

Here’s what we do

Content Marketing Strategy

We caffeinate ourselves endlessly until we find what your target market really wants to hear and create a content marketing strategy that helps your content stand out from all those search results!

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Content Creation

Content works when you consistently offer value and educate your target market. That’s where we step in to help you keep up with the content marketing calendar to writing that makes customers fall in love with you!

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Search Engine Optimization

When 62% of your target customers begin their purchase cycle on the search, why not optimize for it? We help you identify the right keywords and opportunities to rank for to increase traffic and sales.

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Social Media Marketing

We know the power of social media. But we also know how difficult it is to stand out today. So we mix in our secret potion to create a social media marketing strategy that helps you boost awareness and generate more leads.

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And here’s how we do it!

On lots of caffeine. But we make it happen!

Content audit

We identify and analyze all your digital assets and content pieces to identify what’s lacking and what’s working!

Market research

Then we get on to stalk your competitors and prospects to identify market opportunities for your product.


Using the data, we create a search, content marketing and social media strategy exclusive to you!


And then we get down to work - no time to waste!

We’re talkative. But those we work with,
kinda love us!

Why should you choose the Contensify team?

We’re not just another content marketing agency.

We’re definitely nothing like those freelance writers you worked with and failed!

We’re marketers who have grown up reading endless books, doing market research and believe stories are the only way to win hearts.

No matter what your product is or what your Shopify app enables, we abide by what Seth Godin says…

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

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