All Marketers Tell Stories (Seth Godin)

This is a summary of one of the best marketing books – All Marketers Tell Stories by Seth Godin.

This is a must-read for all the entrepreneurs, marketers and business professionals. The title “All Marketers are Liars” raises so many uneasy questions, the book is about the art of storytelling and its benefits in the marketing sector. The book answers, why it is important for marketers to tell authentic stories. 

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Seth Godin presents an elaborate list of suggestions that will help the marketers understand how to sell their product or services. Here are the seven lessons that the book highlights: 

  1. Tell stories or be irrelevant

To sell your product or service to a customer,tell stories. Stories have the potential to allure customers and spread from person to person. Quoting from the book:

“Marketers didn’t invent storytelling. They just perfected it.”

  1. Focus on satisfying Wants not Needs

Needs are objective and logical whereas Wants are subjective and fallacious. A product will sell only when the marketer successfully  creates an emotional want of the customer and not by simply fulfilling needs. 

  1. Tell great stories

Great stories are true, don’t appeal to reasoning, are beguiling and agree with the worldview. 

  1. Leverage a worldview 

A worldview is basically rules, opinions or values a customer already holds. Instead of changing those, frame a story around them to leverage the customer’s worldview. 

  1. First impressions are crucial

Once a customer makes a snap judgement, he will act upon it. Therefore if the story is authentic and consistent it can be convincing for the customer. 

  1. Difference between fibs and frauds

Fibs are something that make your story better whereas fraud is told for the personal gain of the marketers. Use fibs to sell your story. 

  1. Authentic marketing thrives 

Authentic stories spread from person to person and will reap maximum benefits. Inauthentic stories will only bring in a few sales as compared to authentic ones as the cost of deception can be too high. 

This book reveals the importance of authentic storytelling and how marketers can enhance their stories. Though the book is all theory but still a good read.

Get the book here.

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