The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI (Carlos Gil)

This is a summary of one of the best marketing books The End of Marketing by Carlos Gil.

The End of Marketing” by Carlos Gil is a complete go-to guide on using social media for brands in the era where traditional marketing is dying. It teaches you how to capture the attention of social media users, win their trust and give your brand a human face.

Traditional marketing is failing in today’s digital era. If brands want to be relevant to the audience, they need to adopt a new way of marketing. “The End of Marketing” teaches you how to be relevant to your audience using social media. Although many brands use social media for marketing, only a few have figured out how to do it right.

Carlos Gil, a digital storyteller and the founder of the LA-based Gil Media Company, has many years of experience developing social media strategies for leading brands like Winn-Dixie, Save-A-lot, and LinkedIn. “The End of Marketing” is his first and one of the best books on marketing. 

The End of Marketing = A New Way of Marketing

No matter what marketing ways are implemented, the human-to-human marketing touch is important. Unfortunately, many marketers ignore this and struggle to get the desired results. This book teaches you how to humanize your brand and how to use social media for marketing.

One of the highlights of this book is, it’s helpful for entrepreneurs, marketing managers, small business owners, and even college students who want to make their careers in marketing.

With more than a decade of experience in leading social media strategy for global brands including LinkedIn, Gill has written the revolutionized ways in which agencies, companies, and marketers should approach marketing.

What We Love About This Book

Gil has written this book to make full use of social media not only for brands but for building your brand too. After reading this book, you will have knowledge of using social media for your company and for building your personal brand as well.

Learnings From This Book

  1. Be human and make your brand voice stand out: Social media posts are just written texts until and unless you add the humanized factor to them. By humanizing your content, you increase the engagement of your posts, which automatically profits your business in many other ways. 

You can make your brand voice humanized by asking some simple questions like, “What’s the best thing in which you have invested recently” or “Asking their opinion on a particular topic”. These simple questions give a human touch to your brand that has somehow gotten lost in marketing.

  1. Technology can change everything but not the human touch: In a world where technology is everywhere, a brand needs to become more human and not less. People use social media to relax and socialize, and if your brand doesn’t have the human touch, then why will they engage with your brand? No technology can replace the human touch, and if your brand has it, no other brand can replace your brand.
  1. Audit your brand’s social media strategy: Social media can help your brand, but that doesn’t mean it should be present on every social media platform. First, identify the platforms on which your target audience hangs out and the kind of content they like. Ask them questions, educate them, and tell them stories. Let them know there is a human being behind this brand, who genuinely wants to connect with them. 

To conclude, this book can save your failing social media strategy and make you a better social media marketer. Whether you want to grow your personal brand or work for a company as a social media marketer. Whether you have just started or looking for ways to skill up, “The End of Marketing” is your go-to guide.

No. of pages: 240 pages

Reading time: 2-3 hours

Rating: 5/5

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