Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy (Martin Lindstrom)

BUYOLOGY: TRUTH AND LIES ABOUT WHY WE BUY is a bestseller Nonfiction book written by Martin Lindstrom. In this book, Martin analyzes which factors motivate people to purchase things. The author has compiled the possible factors that affect the buyer’s decision related to purchases.

Buying products becomes complex in a world full of slogans, jingles, and advertisements. Martin, through research of the human psyche, briefly describes the human subconscious mind and its function in deciding what the purchaser will purchase. It is believed that the author attempted a three-year neuromarketing study on 2000 buyers to find out the effect of commercials, logos, products, and advertisements on them.

He spent millions of dollars to dive into the world of consumers and sought answers to his questions. It talks about the subconscious forces that inspire us to choose one brand over another.

Through neuromarketing research, Martin found that traditional marketing research is no longer effective. The future of marketing lies in analyzing the needs, thoughts, desires, and motivations of buyers. This is why marketers should shift their attention towards neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing is the practice of mixing science and marketing to produce even better outcomes for marketers. They can prepare effective marketing strategies to accelerate the selling process. Let’s analyze the book chapter-wise.

  • Chapter 1: The first chapter of Buyology describes the strength of mirror neurons. The mirror neuron explains so many of the unexplainable actions we perform in our everyday lives.
  • Chapter 2: Here, he talks about the power of subliminal messaging. He has mentioned that stories about subliminal messaging are often met with doubts and skepticism.
  • Chapter 3: Discusses how somatic markers influence our decisions regarding purchases. These markers are incredibly outstanding marketing tools.
  • Chapter 4: This chapter talks about the fear associated with the somatic markers. Such a marker comes with both positive and negative experiences.
  • Chapter 5: In this portion, Martin talks about subliminal messaging in tobacco ads.
  • Chapter 6: Here, he says that successful organizations rely on comfort and rituals. Martin teaches how to create a comforting place for a consumer to purchase things.
  • Chapter 7: It talks about the myths related to sexes while selling products. Is a woman more suitable for selling products door to door? Well, Martin has his own theories.
  • Chapter 8: The final chapter talks about the power of neuromarketing. Now, when you understand the previous chapters, you can easily find effective methods to accelerate your marketing process.


Today, all of us are consumers. Whether buying an electronic gadget or just a soft drink, shopping has become an inseparable part of our everyday lives. The sellers have taken this as an opportunity.

As a result of this, we are bombarded with hundreds of messages in the form of TV commercials, highway billboards, internet banner ads, etc. Our generation is exposed to so many brands these days.

You have brand alternatives for every product. But how do you remember each of them? Youngsters often forget their email passwords. Ever wondered why that happens?

Well, in this era, our minds are constantly gathering and filtering information. Some of the information is captured in our long-term memory, while the others are forgotten completely.

There are many companies that are constantly struggling to become a long-lasting brand that buyers would prefer. Instead, the buyers mostly prioritize a single brand. They select a specific brand for clothing, accessories, or electronic items. They prioritize their selective brands or even flavors for chocolates and wafers. Which factors compel a buyer to remain loyal to a brand?

Martin Lindstrom in his book BUYOLOGY attempted to answer this question.

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buyology martin lindstrom book review
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