Fast Cheap & Viral (Aashish Chopra)

In Fast Cheap & Viral, author Aashish Chopra shares his secrets of creating engagement-worthy content on a shoestring budget. The book is packed with best practices that he learnt about creating viral videos through his success as a marketer. 

Divided in three parts, here are some actionable tips from part two:

  1. Make it share-worthy – the idea behind creating share-worthy content is that it saves you distribution costs by ensuring that content organically reaches users and audience.
  1. How to pick share-worthy topics – the first step should be defining the brand DNA. The content, it must not be about your product or service, but about the users. Content has to be useful, inspirational, celebrating life, topical, and change the world.
  1. Move fast and engage – for all kinds of content, the first impression is a make or break factor. First comes the thumbnail, next, come to the point really fast, and keep them engaged. Also, short content is king.
  1. Storytelling beats production value – brands still think that video production is an expensive affair. The production value must be determined by where the audience will watch your video, the size of the screen.
  1. Make for mobile – when everyone is spending a crazy amount of time every day on their phones, it makes sense to tailor your content to a tiny screen. Make it a clutter-free experience for a tiny screen. 
  1. Think conversations before campaigns – gone are the days of bombarding customers’ eyeballs ad expecting results. The game today is about racing their hearts and getting authentic engagement. Branding is about relevance, not just recall value.
  1. Distribution is everything – great content needs a distribution plan; without that you’re just hoping to be found. Outreach is the most underrated strategy for content distribution.
  1. Don’t make an ad – content marketing is the exact opposite of advertising. When we truly take the side of our audience and create for them, solve their pain points, celebrate their life, help them express who they are or give them a vehicle to make the world a better place, that’s when we see true engagement.
  1. Experimenting and return on investments – real success comes only when you stop comparing yourself with others and start competing with yourself. So instead of chasing perfection in one experiment, how about you chase excellence while doing 10?

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