Purple Cow: Transform your business by being remarkable (Seth Godin)

Author and entrepreneur Seth Godin believes that the modern consumer is overloaded with information and advertising. Being boring and sticking to “what works” is the surest way to fail. Read this book to understand strategies for modern brands to stand out by building “Purple Cows” – that can’t help but draw attention because of how unusual they are. Godin also talks about identifying & marketing to early adopters to drive the product adoption cycle at a viral pace.

Some of the key takeaways from this book that we’d like to share with you are:

  • Remember, word of mouth marketing should never take a backseat
  • Not taking risks is riskier than taking risks – so go ahead, and try out that “vague” campaign idea you had
  • If you want your product to be accepted in the market, focus on your early adopters

Get the book on Amazon here.

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