Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization

Social Media practitioners can be seen in two groups. The first group who knows the tools, likes the tools, can teach people how to use the tools and believe that these tools ARE Social media. There is nothing wrong with this thought, just that it is incomplete.

The second group of people approaches social media as a strategy. They know the tools well, but also know that tools will build the house, they are not the house. Tools can change or disappear, but the strategy remains constant.

Blanchard’s Social Media ROI  is for the second group of people who want to understand the social media management mindset, inside out. This is a book that should find a place in your ‘go-to’ section of the bookshelf, and not just another Social media tools resource.

You will discover how to manage and measure your social media efforts, understand your true ROI – and maximize it.

Social Media ROI is the first book about social media written by a business executive himself for fellow executives.

At the end of the chapters, you will have a clear picture of how to effectively integrate Social Media into long-term business programs, short-term campaigns, and brand initiatives.

Olivier Blanchard is a globally renowned brand strategist and marketing strategist -undoubtedly showing the best strategy to make social media work for business, measure the results, and optimize them. He shows how to connect the dots between social media strategy, program development, integration with other short- and long-term initiatives, execution, and business impact – both financial and non-financial.

Not that you will have to dig deep for each concept as the book is organized to provide fast answers to specific questions — ranging from defining metrics and organizational guidelines to earning followers and managing crises.

The wide coverage includes:

  • Getting started: listening before talking
  • Aligning social communications to business goals
  • Planning for performance measurement
  • Managing F.R.Y. (Frequency, Reach and Yield)
  • Laying the operational groundwork for effective social media management
  • Integrating Social Media into long-term programs, short-term marketing campaigns, and any brand initiative
  • Using social media to deliver real-time customer support
  • Leveraging mobility

What do we love about this book?

The book gives a comprehensive approach for a social company. Indicates to create a social company that aligns social media to business goals and performance measurement, and is sustainable. Blanchard admits that creating a successful integration of social media into a company involves changing some operational groundwork, and may need to be accompanied by a paradigm shift. A very unique section that I love is  where he addresses the “big five” myths of social media including “social media is a waste of time.”

There are sections for nonprofits, internal support, public relations, human resources, and crisis management, to name a few. There is a detailed section on intricacies of measurements and suggestions to create buy-in for comprehensive social media programs.

Olivier starts the marketing journey from the very beginning – creating a strategy to achieve objectives, and knowing the means to returns on investment. This segment answers the most basic question; ‘How will social communications positively impact my organizational goals?’

In other sections, Olivier explains the intricacies of building a social media-influenced company for every layman to understand. The importance of reach, attention, influence for Social Media ROI is very well detailed in the book. He reveals how companies can leverage the massive power of social media to achieve similar massive results. The book is incredibly practical, yet enjoyable; offering a clear roadmap to increase your revenue in an era of tweets, retweets, likes, shares and connections.

This book will get you thinking and develop a mindset to successfully plan and achieve real business goals with social media. The best part-  Olivier avoids the fluff with clear-cut ideas that will help you produce results.

In another section of the book, Blanchard talks about integrating social media into your organization, and includes some advice on models, who should handle it and a description of what a social media director might look like. Policies, guidelines and training are also covered.

This is just a bird eye view of an excellent book. There is a lot more good stuff in this book to stuff in a review. I would say, just get it, read it, and do it!

Social Media ROI is a reminder that social media is not just the cherry on the cake; it has to be a fully integrated strategy in every business aspect. Done right, it can be a powerful tool to enhance customer engagement that traditional media cannot.

Get the book here.

Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization
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