The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing (Al Ries and Jack Trout)

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing is the most recent book of Al Ries and Jack Trout. It states that the customer’s perceptions on a product or service is everything. The book explains twenty-two immutable laws of marketing that affirm the same fact. And that’s exactly why it makes this book one of the best marketing books you could get your hands on!

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Their basic assertion in the book is that people strongly believe in the outside world’s representations rather than their own mind’s. Whereas it is the total opposite; the only reality they can be certain of is the one of their own mind. This is the reality marketing programs must act towards. 

Here’s a glimpse at the laws of marketing in brief:

  1. Law of Leadership– Be first rather than trying to be better.
  2. Law of Category– If you are not the first in a category then create a category to be first in.
  3. Law of the Mind– This modifies the first law a bit. Be the first in people’s mind rather than being first in the marketplace. 
  4. Law of Perception– Marketing is the battle of perceptions, not products. 
  5. Law of Focus–  The strongest concept is to own a word in the customer’s mind. For example, Coke owns the word ‘Cola’.
  6. Law of Exclusivity– A word in the prospect’s mind cannot be owned by two companies. 
  7. Law of the Ladder–  Each category has its own ladder and the marketing strategy depends on your position on the ladder. 
  8. Law of duality– Every market eventually becomes double-barreled. 
  9. Law of the opposite- The market leader determines the strategy for the other company aiming for the second position. 
  10. Law of Division– In the long run, every category divides into two or more parts. 
  11. Law of Perspective–  Effects of marketing are reflected over an extended period of time.
  12. Law of Line Extension- Every brand has the pressure to extend its equity.
  13. Law of Sacrifice– To gain something you have to lose something. 
  14. Law of Attributes– There is always an opposite effective attribute for each attribute. Try to own the most important one.
  15. Law of Candor– Candor is disarming. Admit a negative about your product and turn it into a positive in the prospect’s mind. 
  16. Law of Singularity- In every situation there is only one move that will reap significant results. 
  17. Law of Unpredictability– Every company predicts their future but mostly they are wrong. Try to create short-term plans and long-term directions for better results. 
  18. Law of Success– Success leads to arrogance which in turn leads to a downfall. Objectivity is the key to marketing. 
  19. Law of Failure– Expect and Accept failure. It is always better to sense failure early and work upon it. 
  20. Law of Hype– The situation of a company is often the opposite of what it appears in public. 
  21. Law of Acceleration– Build a program out of a trend, not a fad because fads are temporary. 
  22. Law of Resources– To take an idea into the minds of the people you need money. 

This book highlights information that is common, but it is still flabbergasting to read. These laws can help evaluate your already existent plans and make you realise the role of perception in marketing. 

Now if you haven’t got it yet, get it here.

Also, we’ll be writing some blogs on the above laws, explaining each with an example and how you can do it too. Follow us here.

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