The Art of Social Media (Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick)

The book is an easy read. Read any page randomly. There’s no need to follow it page by page. Nor do you have to follow each and every of the 123 tips. Social media marketers can choose. But every tip is tactical and practical, just the way the authors describe themselves.

What’s more, the book has two versions – hardcopy and digital. The digital version is packed with hundreds of hyperlinks to more reading that readers might find useful. The book first published in 2014 has tips and tricks that are evergreen and relevant today, years later. 

Guy Kawasaki the former chief evangelist for Apple teamed up with his colleague from Canva, Peg Fitzpatrick to create this guide that can be used by both beginners and social media experts. 

Here are a few takeaways from the book that makes it must-read:

  • Your social media profiles/ pages should reflect who you are and what you do
  • The only way to grow your social profile is to create engaging content – it’s not just the pictures you post, but also the story you tell
  • Always create a two-way street between your website/ blog and your social media profile/ page
  • Experiment with real-time networks such as YouTube Live, Instagram Live, etc to promote yourself and get talking to your audience
  • Take your social media game seriously – don’t put it on the backburner – strategize and rule the space

Get the book on Amazon here.

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