To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Persuading, Convincing, and Influencing Others (Daniel H. Pink)

“A world of entrepreneurs is a world of salespeople” – that is the key message of this new book by Daniel Pink. Every human is an entrepreneur and therefore every human must learn and perfect the art of selling.

To Sell is Human will flood your mind with the happenings around the globe and in our lives as a part of your entrepreneurial journey. Daniel H. Pink has beautifully created the understanding of social science involved in the art of doing business as a profession. You will be amazed to know about the new ABCs of moving others. There are amazing reasons as to why extroverts can’t be good at selling and how giving people an “off-ramp” for their actions can matter more than actually changing their minds.

Diving more into the book, you will enjoy reading about the people’s perspectives, the skills of convincing people, five frames that will make your message more clear about your ideas and a practical approach to see the transformation this world is going through. The collaboration of art of selling and establishing as an entrepreneur with digital marketing is also detailed well in the book.

With a boom in digital marketing and social media, businesses are expanding, giving people tips and tricks to grow economically in the global market.

There’s a hidden entrepreneur in us

With each chapter of this book, you will gradually realize that there is a hidden entrepreneur in each of us and how we everyday engage ourselves in selling and marketing of things or try hard to convince people to buy our products and services.  Pink defines and elaborates a new category of activity called “non-sales selling”.  With this, the author has expanded the horizon of understanding activities ranging from leadership and innovation to strategy and supervision. With a self realization of a hidden entrepreneur in all of us, you will discover how the “ability to sell” is crucial for our survival and how we deal in small commercial transactions of buying and selling in our daily lives.

What do we like about this book

The book has a fresh and comprehensive approach towards Entrepreneurship. You need not dig deep to learn the skill of establishing a start-up through SMEs, micro enterprises or other booming sources because Pink has simplified the approach of selling by giving instances from our daily lives as to how we engage in the activity of selling by convincing others. Some of these instances include parents bargaining with their kids to go to bed early or people selling household chores like mowing the lawn to their partners or spouses. The book also identifies three individual qualities and four vital skills that are necessary to motivate people.

What is interesting to learn from the book

With so much fun in reading what goes with the dimensions of convincing, influencing and selling in the market, the author draws our attention to the recent research in social science to bring the practice of selling what is right into the 21st century of globalization, economic uncertainty of markets worldwide and the role of digital media. This becomes interesting for you to read as the world today is getting into a new category of activity called “non-sales selling” that includes the tactics of selling your word to people. And of course, the recent social science research says it all!

To conclude, the book will change your perspective for looking at the world and people with different dimensions. To learn the most from this book is to enhance the sales skills in each sphere of your lives.

Pink has wonderfully highlighted his own sales experience and used the profile of some of the world’s best sales people as examples to learn and grow in the art of selling in our professions. Because believe it or not, we all are in sales now!

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to sell is human
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