The 1-Page Marketing Plan (Allan Dib)

The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd’ is a bestselling non-fiction book written by a serial entrepreneur and rebellious marketer, Allan Dib.

He has also launched The Marketing & Business Academy, an online platform where entrepreneurs explore significant trading and business skills. He has initiated multiple trades in industries, including the marketing, telecommunications, and IT sector.

One of his startups is listed in Australia’s Top 100 Business Review magazine. Allan is a business consultant, coach, and public influencer who frequently shares his ideas and strategies to grow businesses. He has guided entrepreneurs to employ market strategies in their startups.

Every significant endeavor needs a plan to execute. When the stakes are at peak, each professional has a plan. Whether it’s a doctor performing surgery or a soldier in combat, they have a specific plan procedure to rely on.

Now, the question arises.

Do you have a proper marketing plan for your startup business?

You might be relying on random acts of marketing that may or may not work. This book by Allan Dib offers you a simple one-page marketing plan for your business. It guides you to operate your business successfully while understanding the strategies of the marketing system.

This book is recommended to understand the marketing processes because of its comprehensive approach. It covers the ground topics which help entrepreneurs to conveniently analyze the marketing tactics.

Even if you are a fresher in the field of marketing, you can easily understand the book. You might be wondering what the one-page marketing plan is. Well, three phases are mentioned in this book. Let’s dive into each phase one by one.

Phase 1: Before (Prospect). This phase talks about the initial stage when an entrepreneur issues a prospect. At the end of this phase, the prospect gains knowledge about you and your business plans. The prospect also indicates interest in your business proposal. This phase possesses three main components:

  • Market: An entrepreneur often pays less attention to the target market. You have to be very specific while choosing your clients. You must discover your ideal target market.
  • Message: Your information must be precise and understandable. Entrepreneurs must avoid confusing their customers. A confused customer shows less interest in your business.
  • Medium: This component teaches you where to discover your potential customers.

Phase 2: This phase talks about capturing, nurturing, and converting your leads into potential clients. It helps you in understanding how to manage your leads.

Phase 3: This is the final stage where entrepreneurs learn various marketing strategies to flourish in their businesses. It talks about customers’ demands and satisfaction.


To earn fame in the rapidly-growing business world, you are advised to stop following random acts of marketing. The entrepreneurs are required to have a solid marketing plan to grow their businesses in the market. The traditional method of building marketing strategies has been a tough and hectic process.

With a 1-Page Marketing Plan, you can create a separate sophisticated marketing plan for your businesses. This book helps you in covering your business journey that goes from zero to marketing hero. Whether you’re planning a startup or already running an enterprise, The 1-Page Marketing Plan is the convenient way to design a marketing plan.

It accelerates your business growth. If you see marketing as a complex process, Allan can offer you a different perspective on it. The book is an amazing resource for entrepreneurs who are planning to start a business. You must read the book and find out the positive differences that it offers you.

Ready to revamp your marketing strategy? Get the book here.

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