Using social media strategies to attract users for B2B SaaS and Shopify Apps.

Your brand’s visibility on social platforms can help you attract new leads.

But, just sharing rehashed content isn’t enough!

Our team will help you carve out a social media strategy that attracts new users for your SaaS business!

Those who have trusted us

And a lot of other awesome people!

You’re social. But what about your content?

The number of content pieces you are publishing is irrelevant if you aren’t attracting readers to it.

With social media becoming a large part of a user’s buying journey, it’s important to be visible on social platforms to be noticed by your target audience.

If you don’t have a social distribution strategy in place, you’ll notice that your traffic is getting stagnant.

So, how do you set up a social media strategy that attracts the right audience?

You need a social media strategy that amplifies your content!

Even well-researched content pieces aren’t impactful without an audience to read it.

Drive more eyeballs with a consistent social media strategy to distribute content and engage with your audience.

We look into how your target market is interacting on social media, what kind of content they engage with the most and craft a social media marketing strategy that helps you stand out!

Here’s how we do it

We’ve managed a lot of social accounts.
And each one is loved!

Why commit to social media marketing with the Contensify team?

We don’t believe in spamming your social followers every day. We’re not going to ask you to make a post on social media every hour!

Our team of social media marketing experts uses market research and concrete data to set up a social media strategy and calendar that you can commit to.

But more importantly, we focus on identifying the one thing that will help your brand stand out!


“The only voice that’s heard on social media, is an authentic one.”

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