Create content that gets read and shared!

Contensify is a team of content writing specialists who understand the importance of educating the consumer through content.

We don’t just write for the heck of it. We write with an end goal in mind – to get you customers!

Those who have trusted us

And a lot of other awesome people!

You are building the next big thing. When would you even create content?

Building a product that customers love, is no easy feat.

You’re constantly offering support to help customers succeed. You’re continually working on new features to make your B2B SaaS product or Shopify app better.

So how do you take out time for research and writing?

Well, you’re not alone.

But you need to create content for every stage in the sales cycle!

There are at least 7 decision-makers in a B2B sales cycle and each one does their own research on your product/service.

You need to create content that speaks to each one of them, at every stage of the cycle!

That’s where our content writing specialists step in.

Here’s how we do it

We’ve written content that has
received a lot of love!

Why let the Contensify team handle your content creation?

Our team of content writers love what they do.

But more than their love for writing, it’s their experience that sets them apart.

They’re storytellers and marketers with a flair for writing – and that makes all the difference.

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