Get ranked where it matters the most with search engine optimization.

About 60% of your target customers start their buying journey from the search engine and each one of them has a different way of looking for solutions.

We help you identify what your customers are looking for and how to rank your B2B SaaS product or Shopify app to get the most conversions.

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Your product is great. But is it discoverable?

You could have the best product or Shopify app in the ecosystem. But if you’re not ranking on the search engine, you do not exist.

With search engine optimization, you ensure that you’re present at the first stage of the sales cycle that the modern consumer takes to – searching for solutions or products on Google.

But most B2B SaaS products and Shopify apps don’t focus on SEO or are not clued up on how to do it!

Ranking for the right keywords is as important as building a great product!

You’re building new features every week. You’re stabilizing the app interface every day. But if a user isn’t looking for the solution you’re making these changes for, how are you going to get conversions?

We look into your target market, the solutions they’re looking for, how they look for these solutions and what keywords they tend to use.

Our search engine optimization team then crafts an SEO strategy that is not just to help you rank better, but also helps you generate more leads and drive conversions.

Here’s how we do it

We think search engine optimization is important.
And so do people we work with!

Why work on search engine optimization with the Contensify team?

Most SEO teams will go all out and do absolutely anything to ‘show’ you results – and sometimes when you look through those reports, you realize half the keywords are not relevant to your B2B SaaS product or Shopify app!

Well, we bring in a mix of marketing and consumer psychology to keep your SEO strategy aligned with your business.

Our team of search engine optimization experts is always up-to-date with the changing ranking algorithms to help you reach your audience – in a timely manner!

“Successful SEO isn’t about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for users.”

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