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5 Tools to Upgrade Your Infographic Making Skills

Table of Contents

The internet space is full of information, all kinds of information- the good, the bad and the ugly. A regular online content consumer is taking in almost 285 pieces of content on a daily basis! Now that’s a huge amount of data to take in.

So how do you make sure, the reader consumes your content as well as remembers it and wants to come back again for more? The answer is Infographics! Simply take an article or a blog post and convert that into an infographic. You’ll see a major difference in the traffic yourself.



What’s more? There are some really cool ways to build spectacular infographics, all for free! Take a look:


A fantastic tool to explore your designing skills, lets you visualize data in many creative ways. They offer a wide range of templates called Vhemes as well as objects and backgrounds to play around with. The ease of operations has been ensured without compromising with the professional quality.

2.  Piktochart

Being a non- designer gets challenging at times, but this is when Piktochart can be your BFF. Get on the tool if you haven’t already, as it comes with some really cool themes to begin with and even more awesome add ons to help you build something spectacular from scratch. All you need is a handful of data points to create a winning infographic!

3. Venngage

Now here is another great tool where you could play around with your creativity to visualize data in unique forms, however in their basic module, you will not get the chance to share it privately or even save the document. This is the only glitch we came across, but if you’re willing to upgrade in the first go, you will hit treasure!


Another free infographic generator with very creative templates and themes to choose from. The visuals offered look extremely professional and add a finesse to the whole look once you’re done. However, you might find the free templates and themes to be a bit limited as compared to the other free tools available online.

Nevertheless, is worth a try!

5. Canva

If you get the hang of this, you’ll soon be responsible for creating some of the most viral visual content online! Take it from us and create your own work with hundreds of free templates available on Canva. They also offer design tutorials on their website to enhance your work quality.

What are you waiting for?  Create some uber cool infographics and ditch your designer to save the costs for your next well deserved vacay! (Cheers!)

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