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8 Things You Need To Do For Kickass Instagram Marketing

Table of Contents

Instagram has definitely made its mark in the social media world, giving some serious competition to the likes of Twitter and Google. Especially with the latest numbers coming in that state how Instagram Mobile Ad Revenues are set to reach $2.81 Billion Worldwide by 2017, Instagram is going to be huge for businesses.

The photo/ video sharing app, with more than 400 million daily active users, also holds a great potential for businesses to tap markets that they could otherwise not have done in such a simple manner. While marketing on Instagram, you don’t really need big budgets, just a bit of creativity and a dash of strategy!

So here we are, to help you chalk out everything you’d need to kick some ass on Instagram!

1. Love Your Followers

Yes, these are the people who are about to make your brand a complete celebrity on the platform, so show them how much you love them! Follow them back, like their pictures and even better- share their pictures on your account (use Repost) .  Give yourself a chance to build some brand loyalty!

2. Build Your Exclusive Community

Hashtags can work like magic here- come up with a quirky hashtag that goes well with your product as well as your brand image.  Post all of your pictures and videos with the same hashtag and encourage your followers to do the same.

3. Use Those Instagram Tools Already

There are a plethora of tools available for Instagram marketing today and it’s high time that marketers started using them. Right from Regram to Iconosquare and even Collecto, each app has something new to add on to your Instagram success. So get going with it!

4.  See What’s Trending

With a couple of external apps, you can easily find out the trending hashtags and merge some of them with your marketing strategy. What you get in return is truck loads of impressions as well as new followers! The best way to do so, is to make use of social listening tools.

5.  Schedule Your Content

The trick is to never miss out on a post and stay consistent, no matter what. While this may not be possible at times, but you can easily schedule your content on apps like Hootsuite and Schedugram, to make the most of your content strategy on Instagram.

6. Engage Your Audience

Interact with your target audience on their accounts by liking your replying to their content. This would definitely attract attention and appreciation all at once. Also include Location in your picture descriptions as  people tend to respond better if they resonate with a certain places.

7. Promote Your Account on Other Channels

As a business you’d definitely have your presence on other social media channels as well, so make it a point to share your Instagram account details on them. Because, more the merrier!

8.  Share Exclusive Content

You can begin with sharing experiences or pictures/ videos that may be relevant to your brand. Or even a cause that your brand stands for! It’s a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level and take the relationship going a long way.


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Instagram is a platform with immense potential for businesses to tap into and completely transform the face of marketing. So try out these tips and let us know how it helped you up your visual engagement strategy. 

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