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Chatbots in Content Marketing: Trends and Changes

Chatbots in Content Marketing: Trends and Changes
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Recently, chatbots have become the golden boy of content marketing, adored by most marketers. It has become an essential content marketing tool most marketers refuse to do away with because of the revolutionary changes chatbots bring to how content is conveyed and received.

And when you look at it, all the praise it receives is justifiable. Chatbots offer a simple solution for collecting and learning from customer data, consumer patterns, and behavior. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular among audiences. 68% of customers prefer chatbots as a communication channel as it provides quick and hassle-free answers.

With its usage getting popular in various industries, chatbots in content marketing show great potential in redefining how content marketing is done. This blog will look at some of the trends, enhancements, and changes chatbots are bringing to the field of content marketing.

Chatbots for Marketing

Let’s start with the basics by defining what chatbots are. Chatbots are AI-based conversational tools that perform routine tasks and simulate human conversations through messages or voice. 

As communication through messaging apps is getting popular among businesses, be it B2B or B2C, chatbots can take the central role in effectively reaching out to customers in their comfort zones.

While smoothly facilitating the overall functioning of businesses, chatbots can also boost user engagement. These are some of the key reasons why marketers opt for chatbots to enhance their content marketing strategies –

  • Saves time by automating day-to-day marketing tasks.
  • Allows for an easier way to collect valuable customer data.
  • Chatbots are effective content strategies to boost customer engagement.
  • Let’s businesses provide good user experience (UX) with simplified human conversations.
  • Helps build a more meaningful relationship with clients.
  • Real-time customer support reflects positively on the business.
  • Chatbots help provide a more personalized experience at scale.

Chatbots are being leveraged by content marketers all over, but how much impact does it have on content marketing? Let’s have a look at some chatbot marketing examples and trends.

Trends In Chatbot Marketing

1. Offering Customized Experience

Pushing out more content doesn’t equate to good content marketing. Only with a personalized system can a business ensure the right content reaches the right audience. 

Chatbots take this a step further by allowing businesses to customize individual experiences. Chatbots pave the way for more meaningful interactions, and while doing so, they actively collect valuable info about clients, which can be used to personalize customer experiences further.

This way, chatbot marketing help businesses influence prospective clients while remaining relevant to their requirements and needs.  good chatbot helps clients navigate your content and find the specific information they need.

Chatbot marketing saves both time and effort for both the business and clients.

2. Improving Content

Chatbots are changing content marketing for the better and, while doing so, contributing to enhancing the quality of content. Chatbot conversations provide data that can be used to improve content quality and provide insights that can strategically guide your content marketing campaigns.

With chatbots, businesses don’t need to exert themselves or their resources to find out what questions their audiences ask or what solutions their prospects are looking for.

Combined with conversational analytics, you will understand what type of content works well for different segments or customers at different stages of the purchase journey. This data can help you strategize your content marketing efforts accordingly. As the right content reaches the right audience, the effectiveness of your content multiplies.

3. Give a Human and Personal Tone to the Business

Though chatbot marketing is seen as an alternative to human agents, ironically, it can also help bring a more personal and human tone to your business.

With machine learning and AI technology, chatbots can seem more human than bots. This helps your business to have a more human appeal that paves the way for seamless and meaningful conversations. Your bots can be sarcastic, funny, on-point, formal, cheerful, or any combination. A marketing chatbot can have a personality that fits its purpose, making for a memorable overall experience.

If your chatbots have character and reflect your business’s overall personality, your brand values, business image, and philosophy will get carried on, making your chatbots more effective and relatable in their interactions.

4. Improve Engagement

Engaging clients is one of the most sought-out goals in marketing. Only with proper engagement can brands convert their prospects into purchasing clients. This is why businesses online are battling for customer attention.

In such a climate, having instant two-way communication features is a must to keep clients satisfied. Chatbots, by nature, qualify on these criteria. Chatbots can be instant and dynamic while allowing customers to direct the conversation according to their needs and control the content they want to view.

Chatbot engagement can build a more organic relationship between the client and the business while helping you create personalized content that can keep your audience entertained.

5. Guide Clients Through the Content Funnel 

Customers are more likely to leave if they find it hard to navigate and find the content they need. Chatbots can do more than answer service questions and share content. They provide an exceptional way to automate your content marketing strategies and reduce churn. How?

Chatbots can collect valuable data from buyers, which can be used to target them with the right content relevant to their requirements. Your existing content gets utilized, and customers have easy access to your vast content without having to scour through your website. Chatbots are also a great channel to offer assistance to clients through different stages in the sales funnel.

6. Boost On-Page Conversion

With chatbots, businesses don’t have to put in excess effort to convert leads. They can offer assistance to clients in finding whatever it is that they are looking for from your business. , Your on-site conversion rates can steadily increase by properly engaging customers and leading them to what they need.

Chatbots act as a dependable system that ensures customers reach what they search for be it informative blog posts or landing pages. By utilizing chatbots in content marketing, you can leverage more conversions from your new and existing content.

7. Leveraging Existing Content

Another effective use of chatbot marketing is in utilizing all of a business’s existing content. Chatbot marketing allows you to repurpose the content that you already have, in new ways, with a conversational approach.

Using chatbots for content sharing, you can revive previous content and target conversationally. When the time comes, the bots can rely on this information to provide relevant answers and informative conversations with customers. This means that the best of your content will always reach your audiences, be it your new leads or your existing clients.  

8. Reduce Pressure on the Team

One of the most obvious uses of chatbots is to reduce pressure on your workforce. Organic content sharing takes time and effort. It’s tiring for your team and here human effort cannot always fetch maximum impact. And scheduled automation tools, though remaining a good alternative, will not always allow for flexibility and customizations. This is why businesses require chatbots.

With a chatbot in place, content can be shared on request and around the clock. Most of your daily, weekly or monthly content marketing efforts can be easily automated. This greatly reduces your team’s content marketing tasks allowing time to focus on other venues in the business that require attention. Your team can work on creating better content while the bots can continue aiding you in converting leads and boosting numbers.

Future of Chatbot Content Marketing

Why would businesses ever need content chatbots for marketing? By now, it is a known fact that chatbots will take a prominent seat in the future of content marketing.

Customer service has always been something chatbots excelled at, but now it can do much more. By automating everyday marketing tasks and enhancing content marketing strategies cost-effectively, chatbots can save businesses a lot of money and time. Designing chatbots with clever A/B testing based on active feedback collection puts you way ahead of other businesses when it comes to competent automation.

As a communication channel, chatbots can remain flexible and personal, simultaneously at scale, letting you build a meaningful business-client relationship. This is especially critical as effective communication is one of the most sought out end goals in content marketing.

But this was about chatbots. Besides that, a different question persists. How do you make your content reflect that end goal? This is where Contensify and its team of content marketing experts can help.

Contensify can provide you with the best content marketing solutions to make the most out of your content marketing efforts.

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