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10 Ways to Grow Your Audience on Instagram for B2B Businesses

Table of Contents

Learn more about using Instagram for B2B businesses in this article. 

Instagram is the holy grail for B2C businesses.

You must know this already.

But what you don’t know is that Instagram can work miracles for B2B companies as well!

Being the second largest social networking platform, Instagram now has more than 1 billion active monthly users who spend at least 30 minutes each day on the platform.

This makes it the best platform to bring your brand’s story to light using visual storytelling and connect with your ideal audience, building trust and bringing in more traffic in the process.

What’s more, 36.2% of B2B decision-makers use Instagram to discover and research new products, putting it ahead of LinkedIn!

So if you’re a B2B company or marketer who is still shying away from using Instagram as a marketing platform, then you need to step up your game and leverage Instagram now!

Here are 10 marketing strategies you can use to grow your audience on Instagram.

Strategies to use Instagram for B2B businesses

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all kind of approach when it comes to marketing strategies. But the one thing we have realised after handling tens of accounts is that Instagram works for B2B businesses as well!

1. Diversify the content formats on your feed

Have a feed with a generous mix of photos, videos, reels, carousels and IGTV videos. Use bright colours and eye-catching graphics.

Test all the content formats but pay more attention to video content as Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri recently announced that video content is now a key area of focus.

instagram for b2b marketing examples

2. Use Instagram Stories

According to Instagram, over 500 million people interact with Instagram stories every day and 58% people say they have become interested in a brand or product after seeing their Stories.

Through Stories, you can keep your audience engaged and interested in your company’s products and services. You can post questions, polls, surveys and informational content.

instagram stories for marketing


3. Bring in industry experts

Did you know that 41% of consumers discover new products because of influencers weekly and that 80% of consumers have made a purchase on the recommendation of an influencer?

Bring in experts who have already built credibility in the industry. You can do live sessions with them or co-create content and guest post.

Here’s how MailChimp is doing it:-

4. Establish thought leadership

Studies conducted by LinkedIn-Edelman found that 60% of decision makers bought a product or service that they were not previously considering, all because of thought leadership.

Share value-packed posts to show off your expertise. This will establish your brand as a thought leader in your niche and build trust in your audience.

content kettle - b2b ecommerce marketing

Example of thought leadership posts by Content Kettle on Instagram

5. Talk about your brand’s story

55% of consumers are likely to buy from a business if they like their brand story. Storytelling in a business is no longer a marketing gimmick but a necessity.

For them to trust you and do business with you, they need to know what your brand is all about. Share your company’s core values and ideals, so they know what you stand for.

Take HubSpot for example. They have a highlight called “Culture Code” dedicated to sharing their company values.

hubspot instagram marketing

6. Give your team the spotlight

A business is not just about selling products, but also about serving people. Show your audience that they’re doing business with other people so they can feel a connection and trust you.

Google took an ingenious approach by creating a dedicated account that only showcases their work culture.

google instagram marketing example

7. Talk about your products & services

Create content on the features and benefits of your products & services. Show how your target customer can use them best. Pick a monthly content marketing goal and strategize your content accordingly.

Take Flits, a Shopify App,  for example. They launched a new feature and created their Instagram strategy around this new feature:

8. Share client success stories

According to studies, 88% of consumers trust online reviews and testimonials as much as friend and family recommendations. So share all the raving client success stories you have.

See how MailChimp does it:

9. Offer enticing deals

Who doesn’t like a good offer? No one, that’s who. Give your followers exciting deals and discounts that they just can’t resist.

Contests and giveaways bring in lots of engagement and a ton of new qualified followers. So you can combine the two strategies to make your B2B offering seem appealing to your target audience!

10. Run Instagram Story ads

Data from campaigns run by Merkle show that 35% of the impressions from the total ad spent on Instagram came from story ads.

Story ads also have a lower than average CPM, making it a cost-effective way of reaching new audiences and driving engagement.

instagram story ads for b2b

Now that you know the best ways to market your B2B business on Instagram, it’s time to create a content strategy that is aligned with your brand’s monthly goals.

Click here to know about the 5 pillars of effective content marketing strategy.

Also read how you can plan your social media content in 7 easy steps!

Need help getting your B2B company’s Instagram marketing game up to speed?
Reach out to us and let us take the lead.

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