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Why Should Your B2B SaaS Company Outsource Content Marketing?

Why Should Your B2B SaaS Company Outsource Content Marketing?
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Consumers of today no longer just subscribe to a software-based on its feature list or pricing. They want to know how it can make their lives easier. And you need to be able to narrate this in the best way possible.

For instance, if you’re selling a productivity tool, you need to help them visualize how they benefit from it in different scenarios. Or if you’re selling an email marketing tool, you need to tell them how it is better than manually sending out emails that we have been doing for years.

This is where content marketing comes into the picture.

Your website, blog, emails, social media, ebooks, guides, case studies – they all need content. And they are going to help you generate leads.

Now when you’re building a product, as much as you need to obviously build the product, you need to also focus on understanding your audience. You need to understand how you can ease their lives by building out features that are tailored to their daily needs and challenges.

But at the same time, you need to also explain to them how the features you’re building will help them out. This could mean starting off by first educating your market before you promote it. Then, produce the other content.

This is obviously going to require loads of research, planning and structuring. The question is, can you afford so much time while wanting to focus on your actual product?

That’s exactly why you need to outsource content marketing – so you can focus on the product!

Why should you outsource content marketing?

With the right content marketing strategy, you can generate 67% more leads, turning prospects into customers faster. However, to make your content work for you, you need to cut through the noise and provide credible, actionable information to appeal to the new-age customer.

Today, close to 84% of B2B companies are outsourcing their content creation.

There has to be pretty solid reasons as to why the numbers are so high, isn’t it? In this article we’ll try and break down why it is so!


Let’s face it! Creating content – and not just any content – damn good content that is focussed on exactly what your consumers are looking for, takes time. A lot of time!

After all, creating content isn’t just plain writing anymore – it is a whole spectrum of various other things involved – from market research and analysis to the right keyword selection and usage to so much more.

This can be a pretty long and elaborate process of content analysis, strategizing and finally execution. If you were to do it yourself, it will obviously take up a lot of your time, derailing your focus from building the product. It’s an even lengthier process if you have to first educate your audience.

You don’t want that, do you?

So, while you continue doing what you’re best at, you can outsource brilliant marketers and writers to do what they’re best at! And no one’s time goes wasted. It’s a win-win!


Hiring a full-time marketer is going to be pretty heavy on your pocket. Outsourcing on the other hand, is less expensive with lesser to no worries about benefits, social securities, insurances.

It also gives you the option to scale as you grow, which essentially means you can start with a small budget and gradually invest more into the marketing tactic.


One of the best reasons to outsource is flexibility. You can always hire more or less writers as per the requirement. This also comes with the benefit of experimenting with different types of writers, tones, point of views, and seeing what works best for your consumers.

Speed of delivery

Professional and skilled freelancers and B2B marketing agencies follow a strict calendar with prompt delivery. So instead of spending months writing one article between building a product, you get to actually push out more work!

Diverse points of view

Outsourcing content usually means you work with different freelancers. This lets your company have content curated and created by people with different opinions and points of view. So, same concept but different takes!

You can experiment with different kinds of content. This will help you stay connected with almost all of your customers.

Take advantage of the expertise

Content marketing is much more than just plainly producing just about any content. You could be publishing ‘n’ articles a month, but if it’s not what your target audience is looking for, it’s just wasted time and effort.

Marketing experts use market research and concrete data to strategize what content you really need. They know what they are doing and deliver top-of-the-class content to you!

Build your brand

Ask yourself do you want to just build a company or a trusted brand that people want to buy into?

Marketing is crucial to building a brandcontent marketing, more specifically. Rather than simply creating a customer base, the aim is to create a tribe with trust at its core. Content paves the way to believe in the value of your brand.

If ideating and executing your content campaigns take longer than needed and are still unable to meet the needs, it’s going to affect your brand building.

Outsourcing helps cross this hurdle too.

At Contensify, for instance, we profile your buyer personas and set a tone of voice for your brand. We understand your resources and create a plan that is specifically for you!

Wider audience

Outsourcing professional freelance writers gives you the added advantage of increased exposure. Here’s what we mean – these freelance writers will publicize their work (which is for your brand) on their own websites/blogs and networks. That is a multiplied reach for your brand!

Outsourcing content to agencies, can help you leverage their social media audience, for instance, or make special appearances in their podcasts, interviews and so much more.

Boost your ROI

When you outsource experts in the field, they help you produce content that will meet your business goals. If you continue to publish crisp content consistently, you can definitely count on better leads, improved engagement and assured sales.

Easy to manage

While most content marketing agencies come with exceptional quality of work and organized work culture, working remotely can seem intimidating.

However, with the tons of remote-work tools like Slack and Trello, among many others, that have rolled out, it makes outsourcing is way beyond easy. Today, managing content virtually is extremely simple and efficient.

Should you outsource content marketing?

To answer that, ask yourself these 5 questions-

  1. Does your growing business have time to manage an online presence?
  2. Does your product/service require you to educate your target audience before you can actually sell to them?
  3. Is your team capable of doing a thorough competitor analysis, finding searchable blog topics and also ranking your content on search engines, among many others?
  4. Is your target audience able to relate to your content?
  5. Are you driving enough engagement around your content?

We, at Contensify, believe “Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” Our team of content marketing experts helps you strategize your content edge that is tailored specifically for your business!

We help you leverage content to grow your business! Because we don’t just write for the heck of it. We write with an end goal in mind – to get you customers!

You can reach out to us if you would like to evaluate if it is time to focus on content marketing. Talk to our B2B content marketing experts today.

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