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Should your B2B company pay for Twitter Blue? 

Should B2B pay for Twitter blue
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After Elon Musk took over Twitter, the microblogging site, has been in the news for various reasons. Among them, Twitter Blue has been one of the hottest topics. Twitter Blue, a paid monthly subscription, was launched in 2021 but was later shut down as the platform was flooded with people impersonating celebrities or organizations. 

However, after the temporary halt, Twitter relaunched its Twitter Blue subscription service in December 2022 with new features. Now anyone who wants to access Twitter Blue has to pay a monthly fee. 

We’ll talk more about it in this blog and understand whether you or your B2B brand should pay for Twitter Blue. 

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter’s newest offering, Twitter Blue, is an opt-in, paid monthly subscription service that adds a blue tick to your account and gives you access to a slew of features, including Bookmarking Folders, Undo Tweet, and Reader Mode. 

Twitter Blue is an add-on list of updates on the platform, including Spaces, Fleets, and measures to mitigate violations and the spread of misinformation.

With Twitter Blue, you also get access to advanced features like customizable app icons for your device’s home screen and fun color themes for your Twitter app, with access to dedicated subscription customer support. 

Cost of Twitter Blue 

As mentioned above, Twitter Blue is a paid monthly subscription. This means users have to pay to access this feature. However, there is a lot of discussion about pricing on the internet, which can be very confusing.

Multiple sources claimed Twitter Blue cost to be around $20, but Elon Musk later said that anyone who wants a “blue tick” would have to pay $8 a month.

Is Twitter Blue the end of free Twitter?

For those wondering, free Twitter isn’t going away and never will. This subscription service is intended to add advanced and complementary features to the existing Twitter experience for those who desire it.

All the Different Types of Twitter Ticks

Twitter applies visual ID signals, such as labels and ticks, to account profiles to provide more context about different types of accounts and help differentiate between them. Some of these indicators are applied by Twitter, while user actions trigger others.

Twitter Applied 

Blue tick 

A blue tick means two different things:

  1. The account has been verified according to Twitter’s previous verification criteria (Active, Notable, Genuine).

  2. The account has an active subscription to Twitter’s new Blue subscription product and meets certain requirements. 

Note: Accounts that receive a blue tick as part of a Twitter Blue subscription will not be reviewed to see if they meet the Active, Notable, and Authentic criteria used in the previous process.

Gold tick and square profile picture

The gold tick indicates that the account is an official business account through Twitter Blue for Business.

Gray tick 

The gray tick indicates that an account represents a government institution, an official, or a multilateral organization.

Specifically, eligible government institutions include: 

  • National and local crisis response
  • Public safety, 
  • Law enforcement
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Embassies and other major national-level agencies

Eligible elected or appointed officials include: 

  • Heads of state
  • Foreign official spokespeople
  • Top diplomatic leaders
  • Cabinet members (national level)

Eligible multilateral organizations include 

  • Institutional accounts
  • Top officials
  • Official spokespeople

Official labels 

Official profile labels are given to commercial entities such as business partners, major brands, media companies, and publishers.

State-affiliated media labels and Government labels

Government profile labels provide additional context for accounts managed by specific government media companies and individuals closely associated with those companies.

Government labels apply to accounts with strong geopolitics and diplomatic involvement in the major countries in which Twitter operates.

Automated account labels

If you see an Account Label of “Automated” on an account, understand that the account generates automated content and not humans. An automated account label (currently being tested) appears in the account profile under the profile name and handle.

Self Selected 

Professional category labels

Professional category labels are selected by Twitter users when they switch to a professional account. Twitter has no control over your choice of these designations, and you can change your professional category anytime.

Benefits of Twitter Blue for B2B company

We know you’re also wondering what makes ‘blue tick’ so special that everyone is talking about it. Here are a few benefits of ‘blue tick’ that might persuade you to get a blue tick for your B2B brand. 

  1. Credibility

The blue tick highlights real accounts so users can be sure they follow the right person or brand. So adding a blue tick on your B2B brand will make it stand out.

  1. Early access to new features

Level up your game on Twitter with access to new features before they’re available on general accounts. For example, verified profiles have access to an “undo” feature that allows them to edit their Tweets.

  1. Protect yourself from identity theft

Another benefit, particularly for businesses, is that no one can imitate you. Well, they could — but it would be clear that profiles other than yours are fake. With a blue tick, it becomes clear that you’re the real account and that all other profiles are imposters.

  1. More followers

Earning a blue tick on Twitter can help your account grow faster. This is because the verified badge lets potential followers know that the account’s content may be more trustworthy because it went through the verification process.

  1. Increased engagement 

Other users are more likely to respond to your Tweets. This is because those tweets are from verified accounts and they’re seen as a sign of value, so users are more inclined towards engaging with Tweets from verified accounts.

Should your B2B company pay for Twitter Blue?

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of Twitter Blue, you might be wondering if your B2B business should pay for Twitter Blue.

Before a yes or no, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  1. Identify your audience and their behavior

The most important thing to consider is your target audience and the psychological impact of Twitter Blue on them.

For example, if your audience is such that they will trust and rely on you only if you have a blue tick then it’s worth investing in Twitter Blue. Your account becomes more recognizable, and is perceived as more valuable when people see the blue tick. 

  1. Your goals

Next, it’s important to understand the goals you want to achieve with Twitter. Looking to provide support, market your service or product, raise awareness, or build authority in your industry? The more well-defined your use case and its scope, the more justified the $8 cost is.

For example, if your goal is to provide smooth & quick customer support, then it’s worth investing in blue tick. 58% of customers believe great customer service is more important than price. With dedicated social media accounts for customer support your B2B brand comes across as excellent post-purchase service providers. Hence, it can be extremely appealing to potential customers. 

  1. Budget and expected ROI

Lastly, does your budget allow for this investment each month, and does it generate income from it?

For example, if investing in Twitter Blue can generate better leads and increase conversions, your B2B brand should definitely invest.

How are these B2B SaaS companies making the most of Twitter Blue?

If you’re still not sure whether you should or not pay for Twitter Blue for your B2B brand, let’s take a quick look at a few B2B SaaS companies with blue tick and how they’re using it for their benefit. 


HubSpot has over 800,000 followers on Twitter and uses the platform primarily to share marketing news, updates, tips, and tricks with its audience. The brand’s main goal is to establish itself as a market leader.


With over 100,000 Twitter followers, Atlassian is a leading B2B brand. Since it has a blue tick on Twitter the brand focuses on sharing business insights, promoting blogs and events to reach a wider audience. 

Shopify Support 

Shopify, a leading e-commerce brand, has its own support account on Twitter. This allows the brand to filter out support issues and engage with its audience more effectively. You can also create and verify a separate support account for your B2B brand. This reduces the chances of customers reaching fake accounts.

Adobe Care

Another popular B2B SaaS company, Adobe, has a separate support account on Twitter. The account has a blue tick so customers can quickly identify which account to contact if they have questions. This further strengthens trust and credibility.


With over 120,000 followers on Twitter, Ahrefs uses the account to engage with his audience through polls, memes, Q&As, tips, and tricks. Brands also promote their products and services on the platform. The blue tick helps the brand increase engagement and establish itself as the best SEO tool.

How to get the Twitter Blue tick?

Make sure your profile meets Twitter’s activity standards.

  • Go to your account settings and click Request Verification to start the verification process.
  • A pop-up window will appear with your Twitter verification details. Click Start now.
  • Let Twitter know who you are by choosing the right category.
  • Prove that you have selected the correct category (e.g., official website, articles about you, etc.).
  • Provide your official email address, website, or government-issued ID to verify your identity.
  • Click Send and wait for a response from Twitter. 

Note: The “verified” link appears as the fourth entry in the Account Information settings. If it’s visible but not clickable, your account doesn’t meet Twitter’s eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria for Twitter Blue

Your account must meet the following criteria to receive or retain a blue tick, 

  1. Completion:

Accounts must have a display name and profile picture

  1. Active use:

Your account must be active in the last 30 days to subscribe to Twitter Blue

  1. Safety:

Account must be at least 90 days old at signup and have a verified phone number.

  1. Not deceptive:
  • You must not have made any recent changes to your account’s profile picture, display name, or username (@handle).
  • Your account must not give any indication that it is misleading or deceptive.
  • Your account should be free from manipulation or spam.

Do you need more help with Twitter blue for your B2B company? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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