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We all know content marketing is the name of the game today if you want your brand to make its mark in the industry. But how do you create a strategy that is not just compelling for your audience, but also highly effective in converting your prospects? Here are the 5 pillars of content marketing you must know of.

Human beings and emotions go hand-in-hand. Take away emotions from them and you will find robots in blood and flesh. Marketing campaigns thrive on emotions. Triggering an emotional response from the audience is an important element of any successful marketing campaign. Here's how you can use emotions for marketing.

Originally published on: Medium | Vanhishikha Bhargava By now, companies and brands across the world are well aware of the …

Apart from a work desk, a comfortable chair, a great view to inspire and of course, a brilliant machine to …

Just imagine competing to rank on Google and actually ranking well, generating more traffic and sales to your website, building trust and brand awareness, and becoming an authority in your niche!

Psst. Ninjas and monsters are my new fascination, please bear with the sudden references. If my last post: How To …

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