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21 Best B2B Content Marketing Examples From Real Life Brands (2023)

b2b content marketing
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In today’s digital age, creating content has become a standard practice for businesses aiming to connect with their target audience. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that while many B2B companies are incorporating content marketing into their strategies, only a few are truly excelling at it. 

In this post, we will delve into some exceptional B2B content marketing examples that stand out from the crowd. 

B2B content marketing examples to inspire you 

While there are various B2B SaaS companies using content marketing extensively, here are some that we personally look up to and learn from – we’ll be sure to keep updating this list though! 

1. Shopify

B2B content marketing examples

One of the best examples of B2B content marketing is Shopify. 

Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce SaaS company.  The Shopify platform offers online retailers a suite of services including the ability to set up an online store, sell online, take payments, do marketing, set up shipping and keep customers engaged. 

Shopify’s content marketing strategy focuses on driving traffic to its website using the intent and interest of its target audience. Their strategy includes tapping into various content formats such as blogs, videos, podcasts, courses, how-to documents and even a forum to create community content. 

By optimizing content for relevant keywords, they have been able rank higher on the search engines and increase brand authority. Through engaging and helpful content, Shopify is one of B2B content marketing examples of implementing the marketing funnel and using content to fuel each stage. 

2. Hubspot 

B2B content marketing examples

HubSpot’s products and services offer tools for customer relationship management, social media marketing, content management, lead generation, web analytics, search engine optimization, live chat, and customer support.

B2B content marketing examples

HubSpot’s content marketing strategy centers around being a thought leader in the industry and providing valuable, educational content. They embraced inbound marketing, offering solutions instead of pushy sales tactics. Their content plan includes blogs, newsletters, videos, podcasts, and resources, catering to different segments of their audience. 

HubSpot’s content is well-segmented, targeting B2B and B2C customers, offering tailored content for each. They repurpose content across various channels and focus on updating old posts to maintain search rankings. 

By creating high-quality, learning-focused content through HubSpot Academy, they build credibility and trust, leading to conversions. HubSpot’s strategy demonstrates the importance of understanding the audience and consistently delivering valuable content as they progress through the funnel. 

3. Canva

B2B content marketing examples

Canva is a global multinational graphic design platform that is used to create social media graphics and presentations.

B2B content marketing examples

Canva’s content marketing strategy has played a key role in its success. By tailoring content to its buyer base and different audience segments, creating exceptional landing pages, and following SEO guidelines impeccably, Canva attracts a huge amount of traffic. 

The brand’s focus on customer experience and value proposition, along with informative blogs, detailed templates for each of the formats their audience wishes to create, further expands their market share of voice. 

Canva is one of B2B content marketing examples that combines engaging copy with relevant images, driving leads to convert into buyers. The brand also stays ahead by offering products that cater to new demand based on what content its users are creating on the platform. . 

4. Buffer 

B2B content marketing examples

Buffer’s content marketing strategy has been highly successful due to its focus on resolving its audience’s concerns, challenges and helping them accomplish their goals – of course, that added to the simplicity and ease of use the tool offers. As a social media marketing tool, Buffer has been able to create authority around using social media the right way. 

Buffer employs various content distribution channels, including owned, paid, and earned, to reach its target audience. 

The company’s B2B marketing content plan involves running frequent content audits, setting clear goals, customer analysis, unique content creation, and strategic content promotion. 

By leveraging guest posting, reusing content and making the most of repurposing, and being transparent, Buffer has become a case study for effective content-first startups’ growth strategies.

5. Trello 

B2B content marketing examples

Trello, a favored SaaS among startups, boasts a well-organized blog representing its brand. The team-focused blog tackles task management topics across five categories: Product, Use Cases, Productivity, Remote Work, and Enterprise – the core capabilities of the project management tool itself.

Additionally, Trello has ensured their content is available in six languages, catering to a diverse global audience.

B2B content marketing examples

With its content available in six languages, Trello is one of B2B content marketing examples for focusing on product-led content as well as localization. This inclusivity helps in breaking language barriers and reaching users from various cultural backgrounds, enhancing the brand’s global appeal and market reach. 

6. Hootsuite 

B2B content marketing examples

Hootsuite’s content strategy is geared towards providing solutions. Whether it’s addressing common social media challenges or offering resources to streamline social media management, the blog positions itself as a go-to place for practical advice and actionable strategies.

B2B content marketing examples

Hootsuite’s blog’s strategy section covers a broad spectrum of social media topics, from managing multiple Instagram accounts to optimizing LinkedIn videos – which they covered by breaking broader topics into micro and macro based on the intent of the keywords. 

7. Salesforce 

B2B content marketing examples

Salesforce’s content marketing strategy focuses on creating educational content such as ebooks, videos, and research reports to strengthen connections with customers. 

They experimented with a three-month unique content campaign, producing funny sales and marketing videos, animated customer success stories, and a stop-motion presentation on SlideShare – which brought about life into an otherwise enterprise-grade platform that is known only for getting a sales machine up and running. 

Salesforce is one of B2B content marketing examples that relies on innovative formats to spark interest from new audiences, leading to increased overall traffic, ebook downloads, and newsletter signups. 

8. Grammarly 

B2B content marketing examples

Grammarly’s B2B marketing content strategy focuses on creating strategically connected content clusters to attract a large number of monthly visitors, totalling 41.46 million (and more), to its website. 

Content clusters involve grouping multiple web pages and blog posts under one primary topic, allowing visitors to access all relevant content in one place. This approach enhances conversion rates by providing comprehensive information to potential customers and improves search engine rankings by offering relevant content that keeps visitors engaged. 

As a service for writers and those serious about writing, Grammarly’s blog contains thousands of content pieces strategically grouped to enable their audience to write better. 

9. Storychief 

B2B content marketing examples

StoryChief simplifies content creation and optimization across various platforms, replacing the tedious back-and-forth process that a marketing team goes through when publishing content. The founders, who faced these issues as a marketing agency, launched StoryChief in 2017 to provide a solution, building a global community with a shared mission.

B2B content marketing examples

StoryChief’s B2B marketing content strategy revolves around providing valuable resources to its target audience. The company offers a content marketing blog with tips and tricks on content marketing, SEO, and social media. They also provide e-books and guides with insights from their marketing experts. 

The help center contains guides and tutorials on using StoryChief for marketing purposes, while success stories and customer reviews showcase how their customers thrive using their platform. 

10. Semrush

B2B content marketing examples

Semrush employs a comprehensive content marketing strategy to provide valuable resources to its users. Through its blog, webinars, and insights, it offers the latest thoughts on digital marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, and more. The platform also offers user manuals, videos, and how-to guides in its Help Center, ensuring users can utilize Semrush effectively to establish their organic marketing goals. 

B2B content marketing examples

Additionally, Semrush’s Academy offers vital SEO skills and certifications, while the GoodContent Hub serves as a central resource for effective content marketing. The Local SEO Hub focuses on advanced local search optimization trends, tips, and tools to help users outperform competitors in local search and maps.

11. Omnisend

B2B content marketing examples

Omnisend has quickly become a go-to tool for eCommerce marketing that enables email and SMS automation for campaigns. The B2B SaaS company adopts a robust content marketing strategy to empower businesses in their growth journey. Their resources cover a wide range of topics to help marketers and e-commerce professionals thrive – taking into account the smallest of their queries and concerns. 

The Blog provides valuable insights into email and SMS marketing, e-commerce, and the latest Omnisend news. Reports offer the latest trends and statistics on omnichannel marketing. The collection of ebooks and whitepapers presents best practices for e-commerce marketers that are based on their own research and study of campaigns run for their users. 

The Podcast delves into analysis and insights on all aspects of DTC e-commerce. The Omnisend Academy offers educational videos and live training to optimize the use of Omnisend. Interviews feature experts sharing valuable tips for success in e-commerce and email marketing.

12. Pandadoc

B2B content marketing examples

PandaDoc’s content strategy revolves around providing valuable resources and insights related to eSignatures, proposals, contracts, product updates, API, document templates, forms, sales, and marketing. They offer various guides on topics like contract tracking, business proposals, and negotiation – which are key processes that their target audience cares about. 

PandaDoc values collaboration, sales and marketing alignment, and human-centric approaches in its content. They also offer product-focused webinars and onboarding services. By leveraging technology and providing valuable insights, PandaDoc aims to optimize sales processes, increase productivity, and enhance customer experiences for over 100,000 business professionals.

13. Slack

B2B content marketing examples

Slack’s B2B marketing content strategy revolves around providing a comprehensive library of resources tailored to different teams and their needs. 

The target audience includes startups, corporates, SMEs, and professionals in various fields. Slack’s content creates brand emotions of being fun, cool, productivity-obsessed, and socially savvy. They offer a variety of content types, including blog articles, reports, guides, and ebooks, covering topics related to collaboration, transformation, and more. 

They also focus on producing research reports like “The State of Work 2023,” which showcases survey results to address challenges and opportunities in organizations. Through its content, Slack positions itself as a valuable platform for businesses looking to improve productivity and drive growth.

14. Radarr 

B2B content marketing examples

Radarr’s content marketing strategy includes offering a diverse range of resources like premium reports, webinars, and Radarr Academy, which focuses on certification and system status. 

Radarr provides valuable blog posts on various topics, such as social media marketing and digital marketing. These posts cover subjects like social media budgeting, the role of AI in social media management, and successful marketing strategies of well-known brands – things that address the goals of their target audience segments.  

Radarr’s approach aims to educate marketers and advertisers, providing valuable insights and guidance to improve their social media and digital marketing efforts – based on experience and experiments of their own. Through its comprehensive resources, Radarr positions itself as a trusted authority in the digital marketing industry.

15. Clearscope

B2B content marketing examples

Clearscope’s B2B marketing content strategy revolves around providing valuable resources, guides, and tutorials to help users improve their Saas SEO and content marketing skills. They offer in-depth insights on keyword research, content optimization, and content brief creation using their platform. 

Clearscope emphasizes the importance of SEO-friendly content and offers an onboarding series to help users produce optimized content from keyword research to content refreshing. Their blog provides free resources on SEO and content marketing, comparing different tools and offering best practices. 

By offering comprehensive educational content and integrating seamlessly into existing workflows, Clearscope is one of B2B content marketing examples that positions itself as a valuable tool for content creators and marketers seeking to improve their search rankings and content performance.

16. Zendesk

B2B content marketing examples

Zendesk’s content strategy focuses on quality over quantity, delivering high-effort, deeply-researched content pieces. By doing so, they stand out from the low-effort content flooding the internet. 

This approach has resulted in significant benefits, as evidenced by Zendesk’s blog receiving seven times more monthly traffic than its closest competitor and generating 12 times more value from targeted keywords.

B2B content marketing examples

They began their content marketing journey with one-off blog posts and social updates but have since developed a robust in-house content team, including videographers, graphic designers, and freelance writers. This team helps produce content that resonates with their target audience, resulting in 70% of leads coming from organic sources. 

Their content marketing arm prioritizes valuable traffic over volume, setting them apart in the industry. This strategy has proven successful in outperforming competitors and boosting search engine rankings.

17. Backlinko

B2B content marketing examples

Backlinko’s content marketing strategy focuses on thought leadership with high-value content. 

Backlinko focuses on delivering in-depth articles and case studies that help users improve their organic rankings and drive more traffic to their websites. Brian Dean’s blog publishes around 1-2 articles per month, each rich in data and examples. He establishes credibility and shares insights, backed by YouTube accomplishments. 

The content covers various aspects of SEO, such as keyword analysis, link-building strategies, and SEO basics for beginners. The goal is to offer practical advice and comply with Google’s best practices to ensure website success. 

18. Drift

B2B content marketing examples

Drift’s B2B marketing content strategy revolves around creating helpful and up-to-date content on its blog, solidifying its authority in conversational marketing. They leverage employee expertise and conduct user interviews to share valuable insights. 

Drift features thought leadership contributions from users to engage their audience. The company avoids lead forms and instead uses chatbots to interact with website visitors, offering easy subscriptions to their email list. They drive traffic through SEO, employee advocacy, email marketing, and social media shares. 

Drift’s bold and exciting branding sets them apart and establishes loyalty with its audience. The key takeaways include highlighting customers, utilizing employee advocacy, and prioritizing content branding.

19. Mailchimp

B2B content marketing examples

Mailchimp’s content marketing strategy revolves around becoming a “Media First Brand.” The company aims to target small businesses, early-stage founders, indie-makers, solopreneurs, marketers, agencies, and business developers. 

B2B content marketing examples

They use a variety of content types to achieve their goals, including podcasts, business magazines (Courier Media), tutorials, films, original series, blogs, thought leadership, and more.

Mailchimp’s content is designed to help its audience in three main areas: launching a business, learning to grow it via marketing, and learning how to scale it. The content is created with a clear intent to educate its users about the industry and its product, empowering small businesses to learn and take action.

Mailchimp is one of B2B content marketing examples that targets its audience with engaging and educational content, ultimately contributing to its success as a brand worth billions of dollars.


B2B content marketing examples‘s content marketing strategy is data-driven and diverse, leveraging various channels to achieve remarkable growth. Their blog is well-segmented, targeting different verticals and use cases with educational and product-led content. 

B2B content marketing examples

They create content around product updates, work docs, and templates to showcase their solutions and increase visibility. Detailed guides and thought leadership articles build trust and authority. Internal linking improves domain authority, while data-driven marketing is empowered by their BI platform, BigBrain. engages its audience through social media, tailoring content for each platform. 

Their YouTube channel educates users with tutorials and multilingual content. They also embrace offline marketing with global events and subway ads. This strategy highlights the importance of audience segmentation, product-led content, and data-driven optimization for content marketing success.

21. Singlegrain

B2B content marketing examples

Singlegrain’s content strategy encompasses various resources, including a blog, YouTube channel, Leveling Up Podcast, Marketing School Podcast, and Executive Mastermind. Their blog focuses on providing valuable insights into effective online marketing. The Marketing School podcast, co-hosted by CEO Eric Siu and marketing thought leader Neil Patel, has become highly regarded in the industry.

B2B content marketing examples

Moreover, Singlegrain is one of B2B content marketing examples that has established an extensive online resource center, offering guides, courses, webinars, and infographics. This diverse content library has led to thousands of shares and backlinks, attracting substantial traffic to their website and raising awareness about their business. 

Singlegrain’s content marketing efforts have successfully achieved their original goals of increasing conversions and engaging their target audience. The combination of informative blog articles and impactful podcasts has solidified its position as an authority in the digital marketing space.


For a successful B2B content marketing strategy, continuous improvement, content optimization, and adaptation to user needs are essential. 

That’s where we come in. 

Our team of B2B Content Marketers and SEO professionals is focused on helping you understand who your target audience is and identify what they’d like to read and gather information from. We do this by aligning the marketing, sales and support teams to create comprehensive audience definitions and content strategies that are focused on them. 

Inspired by any of the B2B content marketing strategies above? 

Reach out to us to implement it for your startup

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